Ailee’s Comeback Will Happen On Schedule, Fractured Foot Be Damned


If there is a solid rule in K-Pop, it’s that the show must go on, regardless of exhaustionharsh working conditions, or injury. So, it’s not that surprising to learn that Ailee, who had fractured her toe and the top side of her foot when a radiator crashed down on it during the filming session for upcoming music video (again, working conditions), will not have her comeback delayed because of a little nuisance like a fractured foot.

YMC Entertainment even managed to make the whole thing seem magnanimous!

Hello. This is YMC Entertainment. First off, we apologize for worrying everyone with the news of Ailee’s injury. About her schedule, despite her injury, Ailee has revealed her intent to keep her promise with you all. She has decided to keep going with the existing comeback schedule.

Depending on the event, some activities have been canceled. Besides that, her comeback schedule and September 30 full-album release will go as planned. She’ll also focus the most she can on treatment, in order to have a full recovery in the shortest time possible. Please give her a lot of support so she can make a speedy recovery.

While its unquestionably a good thing that Ailee is having a comeback and releasing a full (!) album of what is sure to be some strong kick ass R&B-pop music, it’d be much better if this press release didn’t make it sound like there is some sort of race against the clock for Ailee to achieve a fully healthy foot. Healing from an injury isn’t done by lending energy like some sort of spirit bomb (I probably just outed myself as a Dragon Ball fan). I guess, to look at things positively, YMC did state that they’d be cutting down on Ailee’s schedule which is more than can probably be said of some others *cough cough Star Empire cough cough MBK Entertainment.

*Note: Work has been crazy for me. Red Velvet review coming tomorrow despite my previous promise to have it today. In the words of a boilerplate K-Pop statement, “Please give me a lot of support so that I can write a speedy review.”


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  1. Boy, talk about some bad luck. I may be wrong, but I think she has hurt her leg, foot, or ankle for every promotion she has had since 2013 except for “Singing Got Better” which ironically didn’t require dancing. Poor kid. At least in Ailee’s case she doesn’t need to dance to perform. Her incredible voice does nearly all the work for her. Dancing a bit is just a plus for more upbeat numbers.

    I hope CL has success in the US when she debuts and that gets some record companies in the US interested in Ailee and Hyorin in a serious manner. I hear them sing and think especially in Ailee’s case, since she is an American, that its a shame that she isn’t singing here too. Hyorin seems talented enough, especially if it turns out she can rap credibly (She obviously can already sing at an elite level and is one hell of a dancer), that she would draw interest if she can get her conversational English skills up to snuff to do English language media. Part of me wonders whether part of the reason that Starship got her on Unpretty Rapstar is to show that she is more than just a singer and dancer and can really be an all around music star just on the off chance that CL has success and some American or International labels are looking to copy that success. Ailee and Hyorin are likely the closest to being able to take that step from a talent standpoint.

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