Waifu Wednesday: Wendy

wendy red velveet ww cover

Son Seung-wan (better known by her stage name Wendy) is a South Korean idol singer and dancer. She is best known for being the main vocalist and face of future leaders of the free world K-pop Red Velvet.

Although she was born in South Korea, Wendy moved to Canada as a child in order to study abroad and while she lived in Minnesota during her middle school years and Ontario during her high school years, one thing that did not change was her passion for music which blessedly prompted her to audition for Cube Entertainment in 2010. She made the Audition Finals but it would take another two years before SM Entertainment would wisely snap her up during their global auditions in Canada. Like some of her fellow Red Velvet members, Wendy was a part of SM Rookies, where she showed off her own respectable Taylor Swift.

Now, as the well-deserved main vocalist of one of K-Pop’s most promising up-and-coming groups, The Era of Wendy may not only be imminent – it may already be here.

(Also, she speaks really good English which means that I can understand her which means that I am doomed, and OH GOD THE CUTE, I CAN’T HANDLE IT).


Wendy is so gorgeous that she leaves bards speechless.

Our new god.

Our new god.

Wendy’s voice could melt the stone cold hearts of mythical statues.

I could have this on repeat forever.

Wendy brings more heat than a flamethrower in dry brush.

The living embodiment of :D

The living embodiment of 😀

Wendy is so cute that her smile qualifies as a life source.



Wendy is more flawless than heaven on Sunday.

wendy red velvet fiddle gif

The stars are bright and full of hope.


fangirling despicable me



  1. black soshi · · Reply

    Ultimate obsession #1. Wendy Son. It is my belief that RV will be the fastest WW completion in the history of WW. It seems you are getting with the RV program, I’ve been watching/creeping on them for a few months now. Live performances, variety, auditions. She stands out the most, seems sharp as a tack, and in my opinion is the most beautiful member. Plus she, and Luna, are the best group based singers in kpop in my opinion. This edition could only be made better by some blonde Wendy Son, ICC era(total bop by the way, needs a Slug review) Vanilla chocolate honey with a cherry on top?

  2. She’s amazing and quite frankly the only reason I pay attention to Red Velvet.

    1. Yeah, coming around to Wendy fosho.

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