Despite Free Agency Status, The Brown Eyed Girls Are Thankfully Recording A New Album According To Miryo


The Brown Eyed Girls recently made news after the three members that were previously attached to Nega Network (Narsha, JeA and Miryo) decided to not renew their contracts with the agency after dragging them kicking and screaming into relevancy being with them for ten years.

The group’s fourth member, Ga In, had left Nega in 2011. She is currently under Mystic Entertainment.

Given that BEG has promoted comebacks just fine while having its members represented under different agencies in the past, it’s not that surprising to find that BEG shouldn’t have any problems making music in the future, even if the members head to different agencies (After all, who would dare say no to Ga In?):

Another source, who is said to be well-informed of insider news about the group, says, “If the members of a group become part of different agencies, then of course it could be a problem for the group as a whole. However there are no such concerns about this group. It’s known that there is discussion about the release of a new Brown Eyed Girls album.”

Indeed, in an interview with Bnt International, Miryo indicated that the group is currently preparing to record its next album already and that it should be finished in time for a late fall release.

When the interviewer asked her where her current interest lay, she answered, “Brown Eyed Girls’ new album,” adding that it will be released in “October or November […] Recording will begin soon.”

The album will apparently be released under Nega Network. So, while this likely isn’t a last hurrah, we should all take comfort in knowing that the Brown Eyed Girls will be coming back soon, contract situation be damned.

I am so ready for this. Any label who endangers the future of the Brown Eyed Girls should be boo’ed and shunned into non-existence.

*I’ve been unusually busy recently but I vow to have a review for Red Velvet’s new single published on Thursday in my new bid to cover one of the group’s releases finally



  1. Wait, Red Velvet published a new single? OK, take your time. Also, here’s the craziest thing I’ve seen from K-Pop in a while. Poor girls…

  2. BEG shouldn’t have much trouble finding a label if they want one. Mystic wouldn’t be a bad place for them to land. Yoon Jong Shin seems like a decent man to work for.

    1. Yeah, I’m pretty sure that they’ll be able to make music as long as they want to.

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