SNSD Apparently Not Done Flooding The Airways, Reportedly Have Taeyeon and Tiffany Solo Albums In The Works


A busy summer for Girls’ Generation will reportedly bleed into a semi-busy fall season as Tiffany and Taeyeon will reportedly release solo albums in the coming months.

Taeyeon will apparently be up first in October, followed by Tiffany a month later.

According to Sports Donga, Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany and Taeyeon are both scheduled to release solo albums! Taeyeon is said to have already been in preparations for her solo album release so she’ll be up first in October, followed by Tiffany, who is currently collecting songs for her solo album set for release in November!

The news is only a bit surprising because it’s taken this long for SM Entertainment to milk the group’s popularity for all it’s worth give their most bankable artists the opportunity to express themselves in a solo album. Taeyeon and Tiffany are definitely safe choices as far as solo opportunities go so it will be interesting to see how each will try to differentiate their solo work from SNSD’s discography as a whole. Tiffany has her own recognizable flair that falls somewhere between 90’s R&B and unapologetic pop (her rendition of “Call Me Maybe” is peak-Tiffany in all its pink-bedecked glory). When she has gotten the chance to pick her own songs, her taste has definitely skewed towards radio-friendly singers like Ariana Grande, Adele and Rihanna. It’s much more difficult to speculate as to what a Taeyeon solo effort would actually look like. As solid a singer as Taeyeon is, she’s always been a bit more of a stylistic chameleon than a vocalist who looks to put her own stamp on any single project. I will sacrifice my soul if she ends up releasing an entire album of this though.

As if that were not enough SNSD-related projects to satiate SONEs until the end of the year, the group’s sub-unit TaeTiSeo will also make a comeback in December which means that when it’s all said and done, there could be SEVEN Girls’ Generation-related promotions in 2015 (“Catch Me If You Can”, “Party”, “Lion Heart”, “You Think”, Taeyeon’s solo, Tiffany’s solo and TaeTiSeo’s release). SM Entertainment is going to squeeze every last cent out of this group, come hell or high water.



  1. Yes, an album of rocker Taengoo would be ridiculously awesome. But you know it’ll be a bunch of ballads with a few generic pop songs thrown in. And it will sell like hot cakes. Oh well, we’ll always have Devil’ Cry.

    1. ditto.

  2. Yay! Someone else who wants to hear Taeyeon rock out after having seen that performance. I would love to hear her do something like the early Pat Benetar or Heart that really had an edge to it. That intro she did had such a Deathnote metal feel to it. Ever since I saw that a few years ago I have thought something like that would fit her well. The way she pours herself emotionally into songs, I could see her singing some rock and being so spent after a set they have to carry her off the stage.

    At the same time we have also seen Taeyeon do a great job with “Hush Hush.” Though somehow that doesn’t really feel like her. Hopefully whatever they do with Taeyeon is something that has real emotional weight to it.

    It will be interesting to see what Tiffany would do as a solo album. She’s done very nice covers of many female Western artists over the years. Her vocal range is limited, but that can be worked around to an extent. I think it would just be fun to see Tiffany perform solo. You know she’s going to enjoy herself. She lives for an audience.

    Personal opinion, but I think part of why SM is coming back with TTS and Tiffany’s and Taeyeon’s solo albums is they are starting to actively plan for a post-SNSD world and starting to position the TTS members to carry on as a trio or with their own solo work even if the group is no longer active. They can get maybe one or two more albums out of SNSD as a group before their contract is up, but TTS and its members could be adding to SM’s wallet for years to come as musical artists as long as they want to. I am thinking they might not be able to keep SNSD intact past this contract. I think some of the girls that don’t really feature as singers are going to start getting more interested in pursuing other interests full-time like acting or dancing in Hyoyeon’s case and being in their late 20’s will start wanting more of a personal life that is just about impossible while they are still in such a popular girl group. Also, I don’t know if SM would know how to adapt the girl group format to women who are by then pushing 30 and are going to need more mature material than SM has show the ability to produce. Performing more mature material is easier to do with a trio or a solo artist than an ensemble of eight. More serious material just doesn’t have the same sense of gravitas when the lyrics are being passed around like a game of kick the can.

  3. If Taeyeon releases a rocker album, I will build an shrine/alter in her gloriousness.

  4. I would have loved to see a Taeyeon & Sunny rock duo since those two seem to prefer the types of songs with harsher vocals. An old performance of Gee with a slight Rock Remix had Taeyeon and Sunny show a lot more enthusiasm.

    I really hope it won’t be another melodramatic ballad, even if that is the safest choice for a song release regarding Taeyeon. “If” and “Can You Hear Me” were huge successes for her, and helped put the spotlight on her instead of just YoonA during the early years of SNSD.

    As long as Tiffany doesn’t rap or go out of her range, I’ll be fine with her solo effort. I hope she knows that she isn’t Hyorin/Ailee and will not try to overcompensate to be like them. She has her own range and style and does well in it.

  5. That Devils Cry is awesome. Need more Metal Tae!

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