Rainbow Knows About As Much About Their Comeback Plans As You Do

rainbow best concept pic

Well, it seems that perpetual participation award recipients (and chronically underrated group) Rainbow have little clue if and when their next comeback attempt will be.

The group held a live stream with their fans through Naver where they were inevitably asked when Jaekyung and company would be returning to the K-pop landscape. Tragically, Rainbow’s response was essentially: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

“We don’t know either. Please post on our company’s website about it,” adding, “we are so happy that we can have this way of communicating before we have our comeback. When it’s time to release our new album, we will reveal choreography spoilers and communicate frequently.”

Just look at that. Poor Rainbow is essentially being forced to petition their fans to pressure DSP Media into remembering that they even exist. It’s like a public relations Rube Goldberg project. Hell, I’m somewhat surprised that Jisook didn’t mention any sort of Kickstarter campaign.

Now, to be fair to DSP, Rainbow’s last comeback, the pretty good “Black Swan,” flopped hard (the group only promoted the single for two weeks before pulling the plug). However, it’s not like DSP has much else going on right now (their roster is essentially KARA and scraps) and it could do worse than betting on Hyunyoung, Woori and Jaekyung.

Unfortunately, a comeback doesn’t seem like it’s impending if the group has literally heard nothing from their label. But hey, worse comes to worse, we could start that Kickstarter campaign or something.



  1. So they’re in the same place as AS? though Lizzy admitted the issue was the lack of $$$

    1. Truthfully, I don’t know but that seems like a likely explanation. KARA aside, DSP hasn’t had anything really hit music-wise in years.

    2. As in Pledis lacks the money to stage a comeback or as in Afterschool’s promotions aren’t generating enough revenue to justify the cost of releasing an Afterschool album, when they can make more off of individual members activities and the occasional Orange Caramel release. It’s sad

      It wouldn’t surprise me if DSP was in a cash bind too. Kara’s last two releases in Korea didn’t set the world on fire, Rainbow’s last promotion likely lost money, Their boy band A-Jax hasn’t done much, and now they are trying to debut a new girl group, which has to be a real drag on the bottom line. That must be doubly frustrating for Rainbow in that not only are they seemingly in the dark as to when they might do a comeback, but now there is a rookie girl group competing for the same pot of money.

      I will say though that for some of these groups that if they don’t like the way their companies seem to not take much interest in them, maybe they should learn to compose their own music, write their own lyrics, and choreograph their own dances so maybe instead of waiting for management to provide them with their comeback they provide management with one that is mostly ready to go.

  2. I guess this has to be like a part time job for these girls. Groups like Rainbow have been around long enough that they cannot possibly be being fed and houses and trained constantly by their management companies line a nugu group would. If they are and are only releasing a song every few years it’s no wonder the companies are broke. My question is what do they do with al of their time? I know some of them act and model and do CFs and stuff, but Hyunyoung’s Instagram only shows her working out. You have to wonder what someone like her is living on.

    1. Well some are probably attending college on their parent’s dime, or are getting financial support from their parents. In some cases a wealthy member of a group might be subsidizing the company or the rest of the group to keep their dream alive. Some may be providing other services that are on the down-low as we all know that still goes on within that business where you have a lot of desperate young people pursuing a dream and needing money to keep pursuing it and not the kind of money you make at a minimum wage job 40 hours per week. You need something that scores you a lot of money in a very short amount of time that men will often pay for handsomely especially with a young person who is very attractive. Even the least busy member of most groups is usually needed for group appearances on short notice just often enough that it is nearly impossible to hold down a regular job. Most employers won’t be comfortable with an employee that has to miss shifts regularly. Some may move back in with their folks if they live in Seoul and maybe work in the family business if it is something like a restaurant where they are just an extra waitress, hostess, or do bookkeeping or something similarly administrative that doesn’t require them to be present all the time.

      1. “Hi! I’m Hyunyoung and I’ll be your waitress today!”

        Can you imagine?

      2. Imagine walking into the Jung’s BBQ joint and Jessica is seating people as they come in as her boyfriend disappeared in the night with all of Blanc & Eclare’s bank account.

        If it was Hyunyoung’s family’s restaurant it wouldn’t raise many eyebrows as she would just seem like a filial daughter helping out her family during some down time from her group, until people figured out she works there five nights per week. With some of the less well known groups you might get a away with working as you might not be recognized much if at all (Kind of a sad thing to realize though if you are in a group and realize you can work openly as a waitress at your parent’s place and no one recognizes you as being in an idol group…ouch…there goes the old ego).

        I suspect though that if many of these ladies are working on the side it’s their company pimping them out or the ladies free-lancing. There is probably some sick money to be made by any female idol willing to be a compensated date especially if they are willing to go that extra mile. I suspect it goes on a lot more than people realize especially with these marginal entertainment companies that are deeply in debt or have truly scumbag CEO’s.

        Many idols sound like they come from rather humble if not outright poor families, so there can’t be that many who are just living on mom and dad’s dime for five or more years especially if their career was no progressing. Though maybe some parents find the money to support the daughter or son for fear of what the daughter or son might become involved in to support their dream.

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