Waifu Wednesday: Seulgi


Kang Seul-gi (better known as Seulgi) is a South Korean idol singer and dnacer. She is best known for being the lead dancer and lead vocalist of K-Pop girl group (and ever-growing blind spot in this blogger’s K-Pop repertoire) Red Velvet.

Although SM Entertainment’s future girl group standard bearer Red Velvet hasn’t been around that long, they’ve wisely had Seulgi signed to the label since 2007. The inevitable coronation of Seulgi began in earnest when SM revealed her first for the predebut team SM Rookies and featured her in Henry’s “Butterfly.” Sure, seven years may have been a long time to wait for her debut chance, but it’s damn hard to argue that Seulgi didn’t make the most of her time as a trainee.

Now, she’s a part of SM Entertainment’s big hopes for the future which essentially ensures that she’ll be in the spotlight for years to come. Thank goodness. The Reign of Seulgi may have been a long time coming but it promises to be a prosperous era.


Seulgi is so cute that her smile may cause an increase in cavities.

Go Tigers.

Go Tigers.

Seulgi is so beautiful that the Magic Mirror has her on speed dial.

A fantastic four.

A fantastic four.

Seulgi’s moves are so smooth that they defy physics.

Greeting the peons of the world.

Greeting the peons of the world.

Seulgi is more magical than Harry Potter riding a unicorn to Disneyland.



Seulgi is proof that humanity has a future.

It is bright and full of promise.

It is bright and full of promise.


Lawd baby



  1. black soshi · · Reply

    I love her. She is so gorgeous and sexy its almost illegal. But Yeri is illegal so that makes RV even better. Can’t wait for more RV Waifu Wednesday………….Wendy please?

    1. Red Velvet is going to slowly invade WW. It’s an inevitability. Now, to actually delve into their stuff.

      1. Bottom gif is breaking my mind.

      2. MisterTadakichi · ·

        Their flagship songs (Happiness & Ice Cream Cake) are good, but I think their best stuff is their lower key stuff like Automatic & Be Natural. Can’t wait to see more RV here!

      3. black soshi · ·

        Their comeback is imminent. Be prepared Slug. Time to stan.

      4. Yup, now is as good a time as any to get started.

  2. Seulgi so charming!
    ps Joy just had birthday. Maybe next Waifu?

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