Rejoice, For f(x) is Filming Their Next Music Video Fairly Soon


After a year long hiatus that included a shortened comeback and a protracted missing person’s case that resulted in Sulli’s decision to leave the group, f(x) will soon be filming a music video for their next comeback.

According to a “music industry insider,” the quartet of Luna, Krystal, Victoria and Amber will film their next project on September 11th.

A music industry insider is said to have revealed on September 1 that the members of f(x) will begin filming for their new music video this coming September 11. The search for a filming location and other detailed preparations are currently underway.

The comeback should (as in hopefully) be fairly interesting. f(x)’s music usually packs a nice electronic-pop punch to it and the group’s “Red Light” was an absolutely fantastic comeback that showcased SM Entertainment’s default “dance-in-a-box” concept in the best possible light.

fx red light krystal choreo group

SM Entertainment has not confirmed when the comeback will take place but the label stated that it will happen before the end of the year which, considering how long it took the label to announce that Sulli wasn’t returning to the group, is damn perfunctory.

A rep from SM further related, “The exact comeback period hasn’t been confirmed. But f(x) will start promotions for a new album within this year.”



  1. It would be nice if they managed another really strong album like their last two. Before Sulli-gate this group was poised to enter the top tier of Korean girl groups with their string of successes and the rarity of two strong LP’s in a row. I hope that now that the Sulli situation is settled that the group can capitalize on what appeared to be a fair amount of negative energy being excised from the group.

    Has Sulli been seen much if at all hanging out with other group members on social media? Obviously, Victoria is often gone working in China, so Sulli wouldn’t be popping up there, Krystal seems to stick close to Jessica when not working, Amber is always busy with friends in the industry or working as an MC or doing variety now, and Luna has been working more on the side, but I don’t hear much about members of this group hanging with each other and especially Sulli that much, whereas you always see SNSD members on each other’s social media.

    1. Well, I think the difference is that f(x) hasn’t built a brand on an unbreakable sisterly bond, and SNSD has. I don’t doubt that the SNSD members are close to each other (Taeyeon and Tiffany especially), but they have to keep up appearances on social media, too. f(x) has always been marketed as a collection of distinct individuals, AND they have far fewer group activities than SNSD does, which means fewer opportunities to be BFF on Instagram. I don’t follow all the SNSD members on social media, but it seems like their photos of each other are usually from official events, not from casual hangouts during their leisure time.

      1. This is very true. SNSD was definitely marketed as a pseudo sisterhood.

  2. black soshi · · Reply

    f(x) and Red Velvet are my life now…oh look there’s Seulgi

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