T-ara’s Hyomin To Throw Out An Assuredly Flawless First Pitch At A Pittsburgh Pirates Game

hyomin so crazy234325

And after a brief hiatus of being wined and dined, we’re back! And things look like their still standing here! *Gives thanks to Goddess Wang Fei Fei. Let’s get back to that K-Pop grind.

In news that is so random that I had to read the headline twice to make sure that “Pittsburgh” isn’t the name of some little-known Korean province, it appears that T-ara’s resident proof that there are some things that CCM MBK is incapable of ruining (aka Hyomin) will be throwing out the first pitch at the Pittsburgh Pirates game versus the Milwaukee Brewers on September 13th.

Yes, those Pittsburgh Pirates.

Why, of all teams, the Pittsburgh Pirates? Pirates infielder Kang Jung Ho requested Hyomin to throw out the first pitch at a game. The two are apparently friends.

Judging by the tape, she’ll probably be fine (at the very least, she should be better than some of the other K-Pop stars who have traveled to the US to throw out first pitches).

And while the only people in the stadium who are likely to know who T-ara or Hyomin are at the game are Kang Jung Ho and bitter Pittsburgh-area One Direction fans, one can’t say that Kang Jung Ho isn’t doing all he can to bring some K-Pop flair to his team. After all, this is the guy who gleefully Gangnam-Styled all around his dugout during a rain delay this year.

But yeah. This should be something worth keeping your eye on because Hyomin’s pitching form is NO JOKE.



  1. black soshi · · Reply

    I feel pretty confident saying that is the hottest opening pitch ever. Welcome back, I guess that explains the lack of SS.

  2. When I first saw this news I flirted with the idea of driving the 4.5 hours over there to see it. But then I noticed that is one of the rare Sundays that I have to work. It probably wouldn’t be worth it anyway. She’ll be out there for 5 whole minutes. Or maybe it would. It’s probably good that I have to work.

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