Waifu Wednesday: Chanmi


Kim Chan Mi (better known as Chanmi) is a South Korean idol vocalist, rapper and dancer. She is best known for being the maknae in modern day K-Pop sensation AOA.

If nothing else, Chan Mi fits the criteria of girl group K-Pop maknae and she fits it to the tee. She is considered to be the group’s rapper, sub-vocalist and main dancer, which is basically code-word for “we want her on stage and we don’t particularly care in what capacity.” She isn’t given many moments to shine within the group, mostly because the group has fine vocalists and Jimin’s rapping tends to dominate whatever “rap” parts are thrown into AOA singles. Hell, searching for notable things to say about Chanmi basically turns up her resting, uh, glare that had netizens speculating that she’s some sort of bullying maknae. However, putting all of that aside, there’s no denying that Chan Mi is cute as hell and that she most likely has a brilliant future in front of her due to her being the maknae in one of the hottest commodities in the genre. Eventually, the world will come around and celebrate Chan Mi’s resting glare in all of its underrated glory.


Chanmi is so cute that she is partially responsible for any and all goodwill that humanity feels towards each other.

GG, life.

GG, life.

Chanmi is so miraculous that her smile quenches severe dehydration.

The League of AOA has a nice ring to it.

The League of AOA has a nice ring to it.

Chanmi’s greatness is best measured in space.

Long live AOA.

Long live AOA.

Chanmi is so cool that her touch can chill flash fires.

So much chill.

So much chill.

Chanmi is so glorious that her every movement leads to the creation of fifty new religions.




waterfalls of tears

Note: I will be travelling for work and may not post much until Sunday as a result. I should be alive and well and look forward to coming home and the tens of tens of y’all who read this thing.



  1. Outstanding. Is that all of AoA now? Because every last one of them is more than worthy.

    And by the way, it’s the quality of your readers that count, not the quantity.

    1. I believe it is. I will let Moyaaa tell me if I’m wrong though haha.

      1. rohaniyerdxb · ·

        Yup – AOA is complete (including the mythical Youkyoung). 10 groups now complete (145th WW overall as per my count though I’m afraid I might have missed some that were tagged under News & Views).

        In terms of who else is close – 9M has Keumjo pending and After School has Kaeun pending and Fiestar has Hyemi pending.

      2. Dang, youre on top of it!

  2. She’s definitely a pretty girl.

  3. Yup, AOA is done. I wholeheartedly agree with Kpoptartsarebestpoptarts that you have some of the best readers on any K-Pop blog. I enjoy this blog not only for the facetious writing and intelligent reviews, but also the informative and respectful discussions in the comments section and… Nah, I just come for the pretty photos. LOL.

    BTW, here’s Spica’s Sihyun and Fiestar’s Cao Lu doing an amazing cover of Junghwa’s Invitation. TOO. DARN. FREAKING. HOT.

    There’s also if a 60fpd full HD fancam of Cao Lu on Spinel CAM’s Youtube page if you can’t get enough of her. Have a good work trip!

    1. Thanks guys! (I think haha.)

  4. eoinjackbarry · · Reply

    I have recently written about how Choa is becoming everyone’s bias. Choa may not be as stunning as Seolhyun or Hyejeong but she has the personality and the talent that beats them all hands down.

  5. Chanmi is actually a great rapper when they let her do it. Unfortunately, they only let her do it on radio shows and other side jobs like that. At least we get to watch her on stage; she’s one of the leggiest girls in K-pop thanks to being shaped like this: http://www.suttonmass.org/animals/spiders/daddylonglegs/daddylonglegs10.jpg

  6. Chanmi is great. Resting bitch face for the win!

  7. Unfortunately she’s the queen of being underrated and she’s also the unscathed bullseye on the AOA attention dartboard 😦 at least Queen Jimin be killing the raps XD God Jimin

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