Lee Hi Will Make A Comeback With The Help Of Tablo’s Production Label


It’s been a couple of years since Lee Hi last had her own solo release, a puzzling decision from YG Entertainment, considering that her past solo work from 2012-13 had been widely well-received by the public (and this blog).

Thankfully, that’s about to be rectified as it’s being reported that Lee Hi should be making a comeback soon, albeit with the assistance of Tablo’s affiliated production group HIGHGRND, not YG itself.

Apparently, YG’s schedule is so packed that they can’t handle Lee Hi’s comeback right now. HIGHGRND had this to say about the arrangement:

“Since CEO Yang Hyun Suk is so busy nowadays, he worried that he won’t be able to manage Lee Hi’s comeback to the best of his abilities. That’s why he trusted Tablo’s producing skills and left her to him. Tablo accepted his favor without hesitation and is currently under preparation to perfect Lee Hi’s comeback.”

Lee Hi is still a YG artist and she is still under the label but it will be interesting to see what Tablo has in store for the young hitmaker. Hopefully, HIGHGRND doesn’t fiddle with her sound too much because Lee Hi’s bluesy and surprisingly polished vocals don’t need that many bells and whistles to properly shine.

For what it’s worth, Tablo stated earlie this year that he envisioned HIGHGRND as a place that could work with artists from all genres, so there’s no reason to think that Lee Hi will be shoehorned into a style that doesn’t suit her (although she could probably tackle damn near anything she wants, and I won’t say differently until proven otherwise #IBelieveInLeeHi):

Since Epik High is a hip-hop group and I’m a rapper, it’s a given that everyone thinks of the label as being hip-hop. However, it will become a label about all genres. High Ground will be a label with a variety of different musicians.”



  1. Excited. Doubt Tablo will disappoint us. But I understand why YG states they’re busy. So far, they’ve only made a comeback for Big Bang and Epik High, so there’s still Winner, iKon, 2ne1, Psy etc

    1. Agreed. But that kinda makes me wonder who plans out YG’s calendar haha. Big Bang, Psy and iKon are on the docket (probably 2NE1 too, depending on CL’s solo work) but I’m most excited for Lee Hi’s out of the bunch.

      1. I just wonder why it takes so long for YG. You don’t see this problem for SM or JYP

  2. I think the reason it takes so long is the CEO Yang is a bit of a micro-manager and perfectionist and he has a hard time being satisfied with a release except for Big Bang and 2NE1 which have been with him long enough and have enough writing talent inside the group that he trusts their judgement more. Even Lee Hi’s last album was delayed several times as Yang was still tweaking it. SM is a big enough outfit that they delegate a lot of the production and management of the groups. JYP is a smaller outfit than YG so CEO Park isn’t spread as thin. He is just as hands on as Yang, but doesn’t have as many acts to worry about and none of his acts are as big as Yang’s top acts, so there is less to lose if they have a misfire and a single doesn’t do real well. The problem for groups like Big Bang and 2NE1 is they have virtually nowhere to go but down, so you have to really shoot for trying to keep them on top as once they slide some it is very hard to get them back on top. I think I saw that AKMU is also going to be under Tablo’s label, if that is true then it would see that YG will specialize in the pop vocal groups and Tablo will specialize in bands, soloists, and duos. It actually isn’t a bad idea if that is the case as the way you produce a band or soloist isn’t the same as a pop act. Tablo seems like he’s savvy enough about the music business to know what he has in a singer of Lee Hi’s caliber and that you look for material much like we see Ailee belting out. If AKMU is over there I think that is great as the brother in that duo already has shown a strong ability as a producer of their first album not only could he and his sister continue to flourish, but he could also become a strong producer and writer for Tablo’s label. I know the brother won some awards for producing their first album and deservedly so. It was a very strong album and a song with the emotional power of “Melted” is something you rarely see from someone so young. I suspect that part of the reason that Lee Hi’s comeback wasn’t a high priority was that YG may have wanted her to go ahead and finish high school, so now she won’t have that distraction limiting her ability to promote. I know he had also mandated at one point that she needed to learn Japanese. It could be too that her parents insisted that after getting her initial solo album done, which was important, that she be allowed to focus on school. I suspect that is part of why AKMU has yet to release again, high school (Though it could also be that they are taking their time to put together another strong album and it just isn’t close enough to being ready yet).

    1. Makes sense, but I just find it slightly confusing because YG is always focusing on perfection or being the best, but the MADE album was good but not as great as their Still Alive album and JYP is casually putting out amazing music.
      GOT7 has released amazing albums one after another and I find them better than Winner. Winner’s debut album was too safe and boring to me. 15& released a perfect album that destroys Lee Hi and AKMU’s albums production and vocal wise. Finally, Miss A released one of my favourite pop comebacks with “Only You” and Wonder Girl’s ‘Reboot’ album is already going to be one of my favourite, if not my favourite K-pop album this year.

      JYP is casually putting out amazing releases yet YG is constantly having delays.

      1. I’ll agree that The Wonder Girls’ ‘Reboot’ has really grown on me in ways that I didn’t expect when I first heard it. Probably because I wanted more of a rock album than a faithful imagining of late 80’s pop.

  3. If Tablo has one thing it’s artistic vision. I think this should go smoothly.

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