Rookie Group DIA Releases Promising Old School-Sounding “Somehow” Teaser


I’m not usually one to do a post on a teaser for a rookie group but DIA’s “Somehow” grabbed my attention for several reasons.

First, the group is under Core Contents Media MBK Entertainment, the same label as T-ara, which leaves plenty of potential for unintended hilarity. For instance, this teaser, despite being the group’s first, is a thirty second trailer that is a part of a one-and-a-half minute video. The last minute of the thing is just a black screen. Classic CCM MBK Entertainment.

Second, the beat by Shinsadong Tiger sounds like a fine blast from the past to the “old school” sound of K-Pop back when one couldn’t escape The Wonder Girls’ “Nobody” and JeTi was still a believable SNSD ship. The light snare hits and cheery high chimes are almost unfairly catchy and the hip-pop influence that’s hinted at here seems ripped straight from “Into the New World” (Ok, the entire beat sounds ripped straight from “Into the New World.” In a good way.)

Plus, if CCM MBK can be trusted to do anything right, it’s cultivate some good music, right?

Third, I’m pretty damn sure that the teaser uses Flavor Flav’s signature “YEAH BOY” to kick start the main beat which has to be one of the oddest references to Public Enemy/VH1 reality television to ever hit K-Pop. For nostalgia reasons that were probably not intended by Shinsadong Tiger, DIA or CCM MBK Entertainment, this tickles me to no end.

“Somehow” will debut on September 14th. It’s most likely going to be interesting because things dealing with CCM MBK Entertainment are always interesting. At the very least, it sounds like we’ll get a decent “Into the New World” knockoff.


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  1. “This video has been removed by the user”. Here’s another:

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