Waifu Wednesday: Bomi

bomi apink ww

Yoon Bo Mi (better known as Bomi) is a South Korean idol singer and dancer. She is best known for being the lead vocalist, main dancer and ace pitcher of Apink.

While Apink’s painfully cute concepts may not be for everyone (including me), there’s little denying that Bomi pulls off A Pink’s moves and look relentlessly easily. She has also proven herself to be a bit of an entertainment jack-of-all-trades, as she has already done the work of an MC, she’s thrown out a few outstanding first pitches and, hell, she even participated in MBC’s Real Men female special. Give it a little more time, and she’ll probably be as ubiquitous as any K-Pop star out there. In the meantime, baseball scouts should be taking notes.


Bomi is so cute that bunnies create their own Bomi-centric Instagram accounts.

Dem J's tho.

Dem J’s tho.

Bomi is so pretty that she attracts distant galaxies.

The Apink-iness is through the roof.

The Apink-iness is through the roof.

Bomi is so badass that her curveball gives scientists fits.

So many fits.

So many fits.

Bomi is so amazing that she makes Spider-Man feel decidedly average.

Eunji and Bomi presented without comment.

Eunji and Bomi presented without comment.

Bomi may not cure maladies but she heals souls.

a pink bomi fiddle


runway dying

Review of SNSD’s “You Think” is coming tomorrow. Needless to say, I’m still processing it.



  1. One does wonder what Eunji and Bomi were referring to with the hand gestures. I’m guessing it was drinking something and not eating a kind of sausage. It looks like they may have good technique though. 😉

  2. “lead vocalist”. What?

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