A Pink Member And Future Waifu Bomi Throws Out Flawless First Pitch At Baseball Game

bomi apink 234325436

A Pink’s Bomi got to throw out the first pitch at a recent KBO league baseball game between the LG Twins and the Kia Tigers. The batter and sacrificial lamb Hayoung never stood a chance.

JUST LOOK AT THIS MASTERPIECE. The catcher, perhaps having seen Bomi’s previous first pitch and wanting to show some mercy for the soon-to-be outclassed batter, places his glove over the plate but Bomi isn’t having any of that shit as she masterfully throws an arching pitch on the outside of the plate, just out of reach of Hayoung’s bat.

Somewhere, Clayton Kershaw is feeling a little warm and fuzzy and doesn’t know why.

Did I mention that Bomi did from the mound? Because she did it from the mound, something that some other notable first pitch performers didn’t even bother to try during their attempts.

Even 50 Cent cheated the pitching rubber a bit when he threw out his infamous first pitch last year and he didn’t come close to matching the majesty of Bomi’s rocket (Really, I just love having an excuse to post this video whenever I can).

In completely unrelated news, Bomi is definitely coming to a Waifu Wednesday entry near you.



  1. She put most of the people that do this to shame. I’m not talking about just idols either. Everyone. Girl has skills other than looking fabulous. Must be waifued immediately.

  2. I’m impressed. Never would’ve expected this. Very surprising. Still dissapointed SNSD’s Sunny couldn’t throw better we she threw out a first pitch.. that girl seems to be good at most everthing.

    Sica & Tiffany’s were just pitiful & sad.

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