The Saga Of Sulli Comes To An End As SM Entertainment Announces That She Will Leave f(x) To Pursue Acting

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After a long and vaguely explained absence from her group, SM Entertainment has finally announced that forgotten f(x) member/urban legend Sulli will be leaving the group to pursue a career in acting.

Considering that SM didn’t even bother to refute rumors of Sulli’s departure from the group back in June, this isn’t exactly earth-shattering news.

One has to hand it to Sulli; if her plan was to hold out and basically force SM Entertainment to bend to her will, then she deserves all the Orson Welles gifs in the world.

“After negotiating with Sulli, who is currently taking a break, about her future activities, we have decided to respect her wishes, and she’ll be leaving f(x) and focusing on her acting.”



f(x) will continue to soldier on as a four member group of Luna, Krystal, Victoria and everyone’s favorite rapper Amber. Truthfully, I don’t think this is a huge loss for f(x) as it’s not like Sulli offered a ton to the group musically. Her colorful use of Chinese curse words will surely be missed though.





  1. Yeah, weird news day out of SM. I suspect they purposefully made both the announcement about Jessica and Sulli so the combination would drown each other out some and get these bad reminders of mismanagement over with in just one weekend news cycle.

    As you said F(x) isn’t going to miss her. They showed they don’t need her last year during the week of Red Light promotions they did do and all four of the other members are quite busy and popular. They may actually do better without her as now they only have to worry about Krystal collapsing from not taking adequate care of her anemia and not worry about Sulli half-assing a performance, being “sick,” or getting caught up in a dating scandal. Certainly what little Sulli did sing can easily be covered by Victoria, Krystal, or Amber, and Krystal can play the part of the maknae just as well as Sulli did.

    Now what will be interesting is whether Sulli actually returns to work or is still in SM’s doghouse. Even if SM wants her working her little drama last year might have scared off PD’s that were willing to overlook her dubious acting ability. Hopefully she hasn’t been spending the last year just hanging with Choiza and has been engaged in acting classes to try to improve her acting. I don’t know if she really has the work ethic though to really make it as an entertainer in Korea even if she is just limiting herself to acting now.

    Let’s hope that F(x) gets a chance to drop another strong full length album and this time not get their promotions cut short or their chance at a follow up single, so they can try to become a top tier act, which they were very close to doing until Sulli’s little drama.

  2. I really hope this nonsense doesn’t stop the rest of them playing their weird gig thing in London on Sunday that I’m supposed to be going to. Victoria is already in London so it’s probably fine.
    I liked Sulli, but if she wants to act instead then who can really say otherwise. Also condemning someone for trying to maintain personal relationships, like the guy above is doing, is weird and kinda unnecessary, but eh whatever.

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