In The Least Shocking News Of The Year, Jessica Jung Officially Splits From SM Entertainment

jessica jung blanc eclare scarf

Given the way that Jessica Jung left/was kicked from Girls’ Generation, it was only a matter of time before she left SM Entertainment as well.

The label had this to say on the inevitable conclusion to the bizarre Ice Princess saga:

“Hello. This is SM Entertainment.

After discussing with Jessica, who has been an artist under SM Entertainment this past while, we have both decided to go our separate ways for the progress of each.

Please cheer on Jessica who will be starting a new beginning.”

Jessica released her own statement as well, which was somehow incredibly diplomatic (although the complete absence of any SNSD shout outs or call outs is kind of amusing in and of itself).

“Hello, this is Jessica.

I’m here to let you know that after negotiating with SM Entertainment, we have ended our contract and have officially decided to go our separate ways. I cherish the times I have had with SM Entertainment, and I hope that there will be good fortune lying ahead for SM Entertainment.

And also, to all my cherished fans, I’m always thankful for your unchanging support and love. I will do my best to show you what you are anticipating from me, so I’ll be grateful if you could watch over my new start.”

News of Jessica’s departure from SM has been rumored for awhile now and the timing of the announcement probably has more to do with all parties wanting to move on as quietly as possible now that everyone is focusing on whether Taeyeon smiles enough during live performances or whatever. If Jessica plans to have a solo comeback, it will be with another agency. Until then, she’ll always have Blanc & Eclare to keep her busy.



  1. Not surprising as you said. It was just a matter of coming to mutual agreement on how much it would cost to buy out the rest of her contract and for SM to likely realize they weren’t going to get anywhere near full value as they are painted into a corner trying to market her even if they wanted to as any success she would have with them would be poisonous for SNSD and vice versa. At least she can move on now.

    I wonder if her sister will resign with SM when her contract is up in a year or two (Assuming she was on a 7 year standard contract starting with f(x) debut date and had not renewed prior to the debacle with her sister). On the one hand, SM still seems to be working for Krystal diligently, but Krystal is very close to Jessica and I could see her going wherever Jessica goes so they can work together perhaps.

    Either she is going to be heavily recruited in Korea or there will be the sound of crickets when she announces she is looking for an agency. I can see some companies not wanting to touch her for fear that SM will interfere with the broadcasters to keep her off the air in Korea, so she would be only marginally marketable. However, one place she likely could land in Korea would be with CJES as they won’t care about SM and would likely love to sue SM if they found they were interfering with Jessica performing in Korea even though she is no longer under contract with them. Jessica is a good enough singer and dancer to be able to be a solo act, so there will be interest. If she lands at B2M we could look forward to a Jung-ian collaboration of epic proportions with Nicole Jung over there too…lol.

    I’m glad she finally worked out something with SM as it was clear they would never market her properly again as I don’t think she has appeared on Korean TV even once since then, and has only been in on magazine shoot that was shot after her booting. This should help her company a lot as she should be able to get back to her work that keeps her image in the public eye and helps sell her products.

    I guess SM will find out if Jessica is really motivated to try to be a force in entertainment rather than her lazy and icy public persona. It would be funny if she started busting her ass chasing down every opportunity and shifted her persona to being really warm and friendly to really ingratiate herself with fans.

    1. If she is serious about a Korean company that will promote her in China as well, she might land at JYP as they have been working pretty hard promoting in China to leverage their groups with Chinese members and there are several Chinese working at JYP who could likely help advertise her products in perhaps a mutually beneficial deal.

      1. JYP would be amazing (and a good fit given the China connection). I’m guessing that she’ll lay low for awhile though. I’m guessing she has a non-compete clause for a bit as a part of her contract dissolution.

    2. Lol, this is what I get for responding to comments in non-chronological order. If true, I’m really interested in seeing which way she goes.

  2. I’ll save everyone some time. She will sign with a new agency. She will release a solo album. It will not do well (in Korea or the States). She will fade in oblivion except for appearing in Krystal’s instagram occasionally.

    1. This, except she’ll become a fashion icon instead and SNSD will one day have to model her stuff for some fashion spread.

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