Waifu Wednesday: Yeeun


Park Ye-eun (also known as Yeeun, Yenny or Ha:tfelt because why have one name when you can have three) is a South Korean idol singer, dancer and keyboardist. She is best known for being the lead vocalist for the Wonder Girls.

Like Sunmi, Yeeun made her debut as a member of the Wonder Girls and she’s also had the the opportunity to hold her own solo debut as Ha:tfelt, which she had a hand in composing, writing and arranging the tracks. Her solo title track “Ain’t Nobody” was a masterful mixture of power pop rock and Yeeun’s strong and soulful vocals. It’s not surprising that she was acknowledged for her efforts at the 12th Korean Music Awards, where she took home Female Musician of the Year as Ha:tfelt.

Now, with the Wonder Girls back in their new incarnation as a band, Yeeun is rocking the keys and looking and sounding as good as ever. A performer who can sing, dance, play instruments, write lyrics, compose and arrange music who happens to be absolutely stunning? Somehow, this is real life.


Yeeun is so talented that several universities have opened whole departments to study the phenomenon.

JYP knows how to do a photo shoot.

JYP knows how to do a photo shoot.

Yeeun is so hot that she brews her coffee with a wink.



Yeeun is such a dream that she’s a muse for muses.

Bow before the keys queen.

Bow before the keys queen.

Yeeun is so sexy that she’s the eighth world wonder and the eighth deadly sin.

My heart can't take this.

My heart can’t take this.

Yeeun is so unbelievable that the gods are skeptical of her existence.

Or this.

Or this.


cheering fan boying spazz




  2. Yenny is much too underrated. My fave Wonderbabe.

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