Jiyeon Reveals Teaser For “Totally Crazy” That Is Totally Unsurprising

For better or worse (somewhere in the middle?), T-ara’s latest comeback for “Totally Crazy” looks like it will deliver exactly what was expected when information and teaser images were released earlier this week.

T-ara unveiled the video teaser for the comeback through Jiyeon’s Instagram and it is everything that one likely expected and nothing more.

Stunningly sexy sailor outfits?

jiyeon t-ara


Another sadly uninspiring track from Brave Brothers? Unfortunate check (Hopefully, I’m wrong. Brave Brothers will always get a pass from me for After School’s “Because of You” but his track record hasn’t been stellar of late. In the past three years, I’m pretty sure the only Brave Brothers tracks I’ve enjoyed are Sunmi’s “Full Moon,” Son Dam Bi’s “Dripping Tears” and SISTAR’s “Alone”).

Oh well, even if the beat is the Brave Brothers equivalent of sleep-walking, Jiyeon and company looks like they’ll definitely make up for it. Still hyped!

“Totally Crazy” releases on August 3rd, same day as the Wonder GIrls’ comeback. Monday is going to be a busy day.



  1. Brave Bros also did Diva for After School, Short Hair, Miniskirt, Like A Cat, and Heart Attack for AoA, and I’m Ill for Hello Venus. I’ve grown very fond of those last two lately, and Short Hair is by far my favorite AoA song. So he’s definitely capable of making great songs. He’s also capable of making complete shite. We just have to hope for the former.

    1. Not a fan of his AoA work for the most part. Im ill is good though, warming up to it.

      1. And he is pretty much responsible for the entire Sistar catalogue, which to me is a huge bag of meh. I figure between his record and T-ara’s (I love half of their stuff and hate the other half) I have about a 40% chance of liking this collaboration.

        Oh, and Short Hair really is a wonderful song. I think you should give it another chance. And how about Playback’s Playback? I’m convinced now that it’s the best song released this year. Seriously. I’d love to hear your take on it.

      2. I was slightly underwhelmed by it at first but it does have a replayability to it that is pretty good. It’s growing on me.

      3. Have to agree re: “Short Hair”. I _really_ didn’t like it at first. But it has become one of m favorite AOA tracks. The girls (ALL of them) sound great. Very catchy, very good vocal work.

  2. Brave Bros does so many songs with so many collaborators that they to do end up with some pretty good tunes once in a while (Infinite Monkey Theorem).
    The only (Brave Brother) songs I like from the last 2 AOA albums were not their title tracks: Girl’s Heart (Like a Cat), & One Thing (Heart Attack).

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