Wonder Girls Reveal Godly Group Teaser Images And Track List For ‘Reboot’

It wouldn't be a JYP production without LEGS.

It wouldn’t be a JYP production without LEGS.

After releasing some individual teaser videos that are pretty much already the best things to come out of K-Pop music this month year century eternity, the Wonder Girls have now dropped a pair of group teaser images that somehow inflate the already sky-high hype of the new Wonder Girls band format.

Yubin tho. Yubin.

I believe that the phallic symbols are real here.

I don’t know what latex swimsuits have to do with anything and I don’t care at all. I am all in on the rebooted Wonder Girls.

The group also released a track list, presumably to remind humanity that there will be music to go with all of this flawlessness (I will try to stop using this word to describe this comeback. I will probably fail). ‘Reboot’ will feature thirteen tracks and the title track will be called “I Feel You.”

  1. Baby Don’t Play
  2. Candle (Feat. PALOALTO)
  3. I Feel You (title track)
  4. Rewind
  5. Loved
  6. John Doe
  7. One Black Night
  8. Back
  9. Oppa
  10. When Love Tries to Leave
  11. Gone
  12. This Moment
  13. 20150711(Talk) (CD Only)

If there is a downside to the Wonder Girls’ comeback it’s that the ‘Reboot’ comeback is happening on August 3rd, which is the same day that T-ara will showcase their own album release and I’m not sure what to tackle first ohgodpleasedontmakemechoosebecausetheyarebothlookingsodamngreatandimcrumblingunderthepressuresomeonepleaseholdme.

After a pretty mediocre July, August looks like its going to start with a bang. Save our summer Wonder Girls/T-ara.



  1. Buck up there slug, we’re all in this together. And, we may just live through it.

    I dunno though, pretty good summer of KPOP so far, methinks.

  2. Shadow · · Reply

    If you like the swimsuits, this is all there is. Wonder Girls won’t be wearing swimsuits on stage.


    I’m really curious about this group going with the band concept. Ready to see how this plays out.

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