T-ara Release (Almost) Flawless Teaser Images For “So Crazy” Comeback

And the flaw I'm talking about isn't Boram this time!

And the flaw I’m talking about isn’t Boram this time!

T-ara is currently preparing for its early August “So Crazy” comeback and the group recently released a few glorious teaser images for the upcoming project.

As for the comeback itself, T-ara’s lead single “So Crazy” will be produced by Brave Brothers which leaves me cautiously optimistic. T-ara makes some of, if not the best, electronic dance music in K-Pop and Brave Brothers produces some nice disco dance music when not mailing it in (the whole “mailing it in” part is where Brave Brothers often goes wrong). Amazingly, this will be the first project that T-ara and Brave Brothers have worked on together.

As has been the case with nearly every damn release so far this summer, it looks like T-ara will be going for a “summer” concept judging by the (admittedly flawless) Marine-by-way-of-Halloween costumes that T-ara wisely had Jiyeon and Eunjung model like so:





However, because this is T-ara, aka The Group That Can’t Get Out of Its Own Damn Way, the group couldn’t release teaser images that flawless without hitting a snag.

That snag came in the form of the group teaser image:

And the flaw I'm talking about isn't Boram this time!

And the flaw I’m talking about isn’t Boram this time!

Someone please alert animal control. A beast has taken a bite out of Qri’s leg and devoured a part of her bangs #PrayForQri. (Also, I’m not exactly sure how Jiyeon’s razor-thin, baby Bambi legs can support any weight at all which is probably why she’s sitting down)

T-ara’s reputation of coming up with top-of-the-line music videos and fucking up everything else looks as unchanged as ever. Can’t wait to see what glory/clusterfucks the group has in store for us when they make their comeback.

Edit: Hyomin teasers. Yase, dis gunna b gud.







  1. Jiyeon looks so tiny and Eunjung looks 2 meters tall. I’m not sure they were even sitting on that bed for the picture. Hyomin’s pictures are out and are equally nnnnnggggh.

    1. Aaaaand, gonna edit those in. Thanks!

  2. black soshi · · Reply

    My god Hyomin is unbelievably hot. Looking forward to the Soyeon pics.

  3. Hyomin does look incredible. She is a truly beautfiul girl. Somebody call Sunny so she can spaz over these photos with us.

  4. Can’t wait for a good old T-ara EDM tune. Girls all look great, although their clothes are so tight I’m pretty sure their knees swell up when they fart. Not complaining.

  5. Screw you, Boram looks adorable as usual. When I first saw the uniforms, I thought that it’s kind of been done to death already. Couldn’t they come up with something original? But T-ara for me is this almost mythical beast that the normal rules don’t apply to. Cry, Cry just might be my favorite Kpop song ever, and that one thing always set them apart for me. Nothing they’ve put out since then has come close to equalling that achievement, but I’m always hopeful. Maybe this time. Anyway, as long as it’s more Do You Know Me or Number Nine and less Rolly Polly I’ll be happy.

  6. Seoulfire · · Reply

    Hyomin first pic – cuter than babies playing with kittens while riding unicorns on rainbows.

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