Waifu Wednesday: Hyelim

hyelim lim wonder girls

Woo Hyelim (aka Lim) is a South Korean idol singer and model. She is best known for being a member of soon-to-be-greatest-rock-band-of-all-time, the Wonder Girls.

If this looks like it was fully inspired by Hyelim’s recent guitar-shredding teaser for the Wonder Girls’ next comeback, well, it is. Because DAMN.

Hyelim’s journey to becoming a member of the Wonder Girls took a rather circuitous route. She was originally a part of a JYP-endorsed five member training group that did some promoting in China in 2009. However, two of the trainees dropped out, essentially causing the disbandment of the “Chinese Wonder Girls” before it ever came into fruition. Lim was left without a group, as were the other two members of the Chinese Wonder Girls – a couple of trainees named Fei Fei and Jia.

Thanks to some fortuitous timing, Sunmi decided to go on hiatus at the start of 2010, and Hyelim was immediately tapped to fill Sunmi’s spot in the Wonder Girls. Hyelim would enter the group near the peak of its popularity but JYP’s ego managerial decisions to try and promote the Wonder Girls overseas never really took off and the group eventually went into hiatus in 2013. Now, the group is attempting a comeback as a band quartet with Hyelim rocking the guitar. It has been a long and unusual journey for Hyelim but judging by her work (and her skills on that guitar), the best could be to come.


Hyelim is so cute that there is a waiting list to view her smile.

What a smile.

What a smile.

Hyelim is so pretty that she likely causes more whiplash than car accidents.

Also well versed in selcas.

Also well versed in selcas.

Hyelim’s moves are so memorable that they serve as film substitutes.

Peace life.

Peace life.

Hyelim is so talented that she can turn wine into holy water.



Hyelim is so perfect. No, really. That’s it.

Yes, 2 gifs from the same teaser. I regret nothing.

Yes, 2 gifs from the same teaser. I regret nothing.


dayum dayum dayum



  1. She’s awesome, she mentioned my name in Pops In Seoul. That was memorable. *i fanboid so hard*

  2. Hyelim’s teaser was awesome! All of them have been so far!
    I’m guessing Yenny is next week’s WW? If not I’m nominating her now.

  3. Ye Eun’s teaser is out!

    1. Shadow · · Reply

      this is getting more and more interesting.

  4. I can’t stand her voice and rapping. At least her rapping should be absent in the next album. She was a poor replacement for Sunmi, but now a decent replacement for Sohee.

  5. I really hope they can pull this off as a group. I spent years learning to play the piano, but I also know how easy it is to fake instruments with cameras work, retakes and editing.
    The acid test would be whether the entire group can perform as a band.. live.

    1. I can’t say anything about hte other three but YeEun has shown time and time again that she knows how to play the piano so I don’t doubt her abilities one bit. I just hope the other three can do what they shown in their teasers live.

  6. Feel like this girl got way too much unnecessary hate so glad to see her on WWs.

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