Wonder Girls Release Flawless Teaser For Comeback Featuring Flawless Bassist Sunmi Who Is Flawless


While the Wonder Girls will unsurprisingly be without two familiar faces (due to Sohee’s desire to focus on acting and Sunye’s desire to be God’s chosen K-Pop idol) when they come back as a kickass band quartet, the concept of a Wonder Girls band is looking more and more promising thanks to the first teaser for the new band format which was released on Monday.

To kickoff the brave new look, the Wonder Girls released this teaser for Sunmi, who will be the band’s bassist. It’s pretty damn great.

The feels, they are real. The spacier, R&B-ish atmosphere is a really pleasant surprise and Sunmi looks (to use an overused word that actually fits this time around) FREAKIN’ FLAWLESS in whatever barren sound stage JYP was able to secure for this shoot. Long story short, if the Wonder Girls stick with this broodier, slower bass line that Sunmi so expertly lays down here, expect a lot of obnoxious praise and the words “flawless” “slay” “perfect” and “ded” to be thrown around a lot around these parts in the coming days. (I am also steeling myself for inevitable disappointment when the final product is not representative of this at all).

The Wonder Girls are apparently preparing for an early August comeback, so the good news is that there should be more teasers in the coming days. Personally, I can’t wait to see Yenny on keyboard, Lim on guitar, Yubin on drums, Yubin on drums, Yubin on drums, Yubin on drums and (especially) Yubin on drums.



  1. Shadow · · Reply

    Is she really playing, or is this just flawless jive?

    Sounds good, whoever it is.

    1. Considering that it’s a band concept, I’m pretty sure that she’s playing.

  2. Girl idols on bass are freaking hot.

    (Mina ~ AOA Black)

    (Ji In ~ Bebop)

  3. Damn she looks good.

    Even though she is a new re-addition to the group, I think she will probably be the center focus now that Sohee and Sunye are gone.

  4. Shadow · · Reply

    Yubin’s drum teaser is out now. Quite spicy.

  5. Just when i thought i couldn’t love her more …..
    Bass guitar is my weakness. My weakest weakness besides Feifei.

    Sunmi has my heart.

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