Slow Day, So Here’s AOA’s Dance Practice Version For ‘Heart Attack’ To Kick Off The Weekend


As is their common practice, AOA is wrangling every last bit of cultural currency that they can get out of their latest comeback ‘Heart Attack’ by releasing multiple videos of their latest single.

The most recent one is the group’s dance practice version, provided below. While I wasn’t a big fan of the song as a music video, the dance track does lend itself nicely to this.

This should (somewhat comically) NOT be confused with the “choreography version” which is like the “dance version” but taken from the group’s filming of the music video and features multiple cuts. The “choreography version” was released late last month.

But wait! There’s more! The group also released the “Sparkling Version” earlier this month of which the concept seems to be… “People like midriffs and booty shorts, right? Sure, let’s give them all the midriff and booty shorts.”

All that AOA is missing at this point is the ‘Heart Attack “making of” video and the “Heart Attack” “eyefuck contact” video to really hit for the K-Pop music video cycle.



  1. I didn’t think much of Heart Attack at first also. But it has become a grower. I cannot wait to see them do it live next month.

  2. They can do the ‘prop up your breasts’ move as much as they wish, but it will still not make me like this song.

  3. The song is starting to grow on me, it may not be that great, but it has that nice ‘concert’ vibe that’ll be full of fanchants and all. The mv (choA) was hilarious but the steps look awkward esp for dem baby faces. I certainly miss the underrated AoA Black.
    Whelp, for other unrelated but freaking important news, Ryu Sera, da kween is going to release an EP on her Fancafe. You can look it up. But its gonna be full of ballads i think, well, WHO CARES!

  4. Jimin is great in sparkle version. Chipmunk leader fighting.

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