Waifu Wednesday: Jung Eunji

eunji apink

Jung Hyerim (better known as Jung Eunji) is a South Korean idol singer and actress. She is best known for being an impossibly adorable member in impossibly adorable K-Pop group Apink.

I’m going to keep this one short because it’s technically not even Wednesday anymore as I’m writing this and I may fall asleep at my keyboard if I list the ways in which Eunji is cute, adorable and a goddess sent from heaven’s own imagining of heaven. All that really has to be said about Eunji is that she’s ridiculously cute and seems to have been hardwired for K-Pop stardom. With no professional training to speak of, Eunji passed her auditions for Apink and wound up being the main vocalist with only six months of training. So, yeah. Eunji is amazing. Now, let’s all celebrate her before I pass out in my chair.


Eunji is so fantastic that The Thing is looking for a new job in the classifieds.

Multiple fatalities right here.

Multiple fatalities right here.

Eunji is so pretty that mirrors get sad when she leaves a room.

Such a natural talent.

Such a natural talent.

Eunji is so blazingly brilliant that she blinds far away galaxies with a smile.

I'll take a glammed up Apink concept immediately please.

I’ll take a glammed up Apink concept immediately please.

Eunji’s voice is so smooth, it can be a driving hazard.



Eunji is so adorable that puppies and kittens list her as their inspiration.

Bulls-eye right through the heart.

Bulls-eye right through the heart.


runway dying



  1. Shadow · · Reply

    She is so lovely. If she would sing to me every night, I’d be a happy man.

    Eunji may not have had “professional” training until later, she was apparently a very good singer in high school and originally wanted to become a vocal coach. She went to the same high school as one of the AOA girls. Eunji does a short duet with Bada singing SES’s “Dreams Come True”, which is outstanding. Wish Eunji would do the whole song. Then again I can listen to her sing anything and anytime. And yes I’m an old man with Eunji posters on the wall, and a proud Pink Panda member.

    Good call Slug. Really appreciate this one.

    1. Admit it, it’s a Eunji *shrine* you have. Though granted, it probably pales in comparison with the Slug’s shrine to Wan Fei Fei! 🙂 lol.

      1. Okay, I’ll admit to lighting incense. But my shrine can’t be anywhere near the size of Slug’s.

        And I don’t do sacrifices.

  2. rohaniyerdxb · · Reply

    You can never go wrong with A-Pink!

  3. She’s so charming. I first saw her in Reply 1997 and thought she looked too tomboyish, but her looks grew on me and now she is one of my favorite kpop beauties. Then her singing voice won me over. When I found out that she’s basically a natural idol prodigy, I was amazed.

    The provider of almost all k-drama content online, kingofbeer, (who, like Kpopalypse, I picture in my head as as a grizzled, old veteran) uses her as an avatar. So I think she has a broad appeal. Maybe it’s all the simulated BJ photos she takes. They’re actually the only thing missing from this post – probably because Slug was already really tired and he couldn’t risk having too much blood rushing elsewhere from his brain.

  4. i am surprised that eunji had not made it onto the list before this. i am also surprised that she was not the first member of apink to be on the list.

  5. also, it would be remiss of me, if i did not bring up the examples of apink members putting objects into their mouths.

  6. “Hush” and Reply 1997 made me an Eun-ji fan.

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