Review: Apink – “Remember” Practically Begs To Be Forgotten

apink remember

Summer comebacks are starting to bleed together and Apink isn’t helping matters with their foray into the awfully stuffed July comeback calendar. The terribly ironic but all-too predictable aspect of Apink’s latest comeback “Remember” is just how unmemorable the whole comeback is as a song or a video.

The production for “Remember” is largely and somewhat frustratingly lackluster. The jaunty snares and admittedly addictive woodwind riff seem to aim for something a little more energetic but the incredibly bare-bones production around those elements never culminate into anything resembling a liftoff. The apparent desire for “Remember” to be both a summer jam and a breezy pop song leaves the song sounding incomplete (As a comparison, Hara’s comeback was much more focused and polished when it came to nailing its relaxed, breezy sound). The vocals similarly fall flat. The verses are way too similar in tone to the choruses and that only emphasizes the monotony of the beat. Apink may have some talented vocalists but the group sounds tethered to the ground on “Remember.” It’s as if the group was afraid of rocking the boat without realizing that “Remember” is essentially anchored to land in the first place.

Um, yachts! Sailor outfits! That's all we need, right?

Um, yachts! Sailor outfits! That’s all we need, right?

The video is similarly inconsequential as “Remember” ends up being a cliche wrapped in several tropes. Standard dance-in-a-box concept? Check. Summer “concept?” Check. Beach? Check. Yacht? Check. Field of flowers and balloons? Check. Outdoor nighttime shot to really emphasize HAO MUCH FUN WE R HAVING? Check. Even the choreography for “Remember” appears to be made up of half-hearted traffic guard signals. If you’ve seen SNSD’s latest comeback, then “Remember” is pretty much that with much less swim bottoms and many more shots of a boat. To the video’s credit, the outdoor scenery is wonderful and the lighting is pretty damn perfect. The members of Apink are unsurprisingly adorable but that in and of itself can only carry this plodding exercise in seemingly-mandated fun so far.

Are we having fun yet?

Are we having fun yet?

The above review probably comes off a lot more negative than the comeback warrants. The song is inoffensive pop fluff and the video is harmless fun. Still, “Remember” fails to even be the least bit interesting. At least failures can hold interest, even if its for reasons that the creators didn’t intend. At least failures usually attempt to do something noteworthy. At the very least, at least failures are memorable.



  1. You were right. There was no shipping yard concept.

  2. “The jaunty snares and admittedly addictive woodwind riff seem to aim for something a little more energetic but the incredibly bare-bones production around those elements never culminate into anything resembling a liftoff.”

    That is the most accurate statement of this song I’ve seen. Another near miss. It’s good in its own way, but not great.

    Love the girls, but Acube really needs to pull its head out of its ass.

  3. I decided to watch the video before reading the review… as it was playing I had the thought (which you basically state as well) it was like someone had looked at every other summer video & had a checklists, so they shot footage of each scene (boat, car, fireworks, sunset, beach, etc) & then figured they HAD to use it all. What a mess. The blue contacts are distracting.

    Music? Yawn. Wow, really, really sad. They could’ve done much better. I’m back to SISTAR, “I Swear” & Bora’s ass. THATS how to do a “summer” video.

    1. Maybe in Asia it is popular among guys for Asian girls to wear blue lenses because girls stand out that way, but I find it frustrating as hell as one of the prettiest features of many Asian women is their dark brown eyes. It’s like having a great body and wearing baggy clothes to hide it.

  4. rohaniyerdxb · · Reply

    I tried to like it. I really did. I tried to appreciate it in light of how good Hayoung & Namjoo looked; in light of how nice the lighting was. But in the end, the lack of anything engaging in the song combined with the awkward choreography was far too much. I can let this slip in light of their past work.

    In news that won’t surprise anyone, Infinite’s comeback rocks beyond belief! And SuJu’s comeback grows catchier with each listen.

    Overall though, despite the mediocrity of the female releases this summer, I want to take a moment to appreciate that Music Bank today featured SNSD, Nine Muses, APink, Sistar, AOA, Girls Day, Mamamoo, Infinite, SuJu and Teen Top. I don’t know how Stellar and GFriend plan on even being heard in all this.

    1. rohaniyerdxb · · Reply

      Also, I just read that T-Ara plan on making a comeback in the first week of August. Goddamn!

      1. Yes, I read that T-ara is coming back in August as well. They were smart to wait for this logjam of acts to clear, though SNSD will be back with some other songs it sounds like. Still most of the girl groups will be done with or winding down promotions by August.

      2. I am so ready for a T-ara comeback. I need a T-ara comeback.

  5. Once again we have a really lackluster release by a top K-pop girl group. Clearly fresh blood is needed among composers in Korea as this has been an extended period of few if any acts releasing anything that is refreshingly new or that has a real hook. It’s like the top composers are just spent and out of ideas and need to take a hiatus to travel some and recharge their batteries. The B-team composers seem to be unable to capitalize on the A-team composers seeming misfires. One wonders if the companies need to come up with the composer version of K-Pop Idol to bring in some new blood and not just from Korea or start looking for composers beyond their shores to work with. Clearly if any of these companies are serious about making inroads into the international pop scene they are going to need more inspired work that this. One wonders how many of these groups see the material for an album or single coming together and just cringe that their name will be associated with it and that they are going to have to go out there and act like it is the greatest song ever. Some idols may not care, some may not be able to tell the difference, but certainly some of the more talented ones must really chafe at this.

  6. The MV is only good for eye-candy, like Eun-ji, looking good.
    Yeah, have been boring songs this summer. A serious lack of hooks and catchy songs. Out of curiosity, do any body know it the songs this summer are mainly written by Korean songwriters or European/Americans? Or is the mix the same as before?

    1. gustave154 · · Reply

      Sinsadong Tiger is the producer for this song.

    2. I want to say that a Swedish songwriter wrote the 9Muses track, Hurt Locker.

  7. oh okey. Yeah a lot of Swedes write songs for kpop artist. (I’m from Sweden)
    Do any one now a good sources/database where it easy to look up who have written the songs in kpop? I have never seen any good sources for that kind of information.

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