A Pink’s “Remember” MV Teaser Goes All-In With Summer Concept


If you’ve been hankering for a summer concept that involves nice scenic beach scenes, bright blue skies and open fields of fun then may I direct you to about a billion summer K-Pop concepts that revolve around the same damn things A Pink’s teaser for their upcoming “Remember” comeback.

I suppose the main takeaway from this teaser is that it seems to confirm that, contrary to the slightly more sexy teaser images, A Pink isn’t quite ready to ditch their youthfully cute concept quite yet. Also, the shipping yard that is used quite well in the teaser images is sadly lacking in the MV teaser and replaced with imagery of beaches, fields and yachts because, you know, summer.

It’s hard to say anything about the beat because the sample that is given is short and sounds more like an intro beat than a melody (Hopefully, that’s the case because the beat in the teaser sounds awfully tame and nondescript).

I guess that we’ll only have to wait till July 16th to see if “Remember” is worth remembering.* As of now, I’m a little skeptical.

*I’m so sorry for that. I’ll just see myself out now.



  1. Shadow · · Reply

    I have confidence in the girls.

    Apink fighting!

  2. They are almost inhumanly pretty. Good lord. I’m not a huge fan- I liked No, No, No quite a bit – but they just radiate prettiness in this.

  3. Shadow · · Reply

    Well, its a good song. Not great by any stretch, but good. Yeah, the girls are pretty. But Bomi looks like a space alien with those blue contacts and blonde hair. There’s a pipe or flute (probably keyboard) part that sounds really good; should of been used more throughout the song.

    Eunji is fantastic as usual; but then again she’s my bias.

    Overall not bad, but at some point the agency has got to let them open it up some.

  4. “…imagery of beaches, fields and yachts because, you know, summer.”

    Laughed out loud at this.. & still getting a chuckle. Yes, a tried & true formula for sure.. but why does it feel like *everyone* is still chasing SISTAR in this regard? Have they nailed it that well? Maybe. “I Swear” leaps to mind as the perfect summer (throwaway) track. (& that one is really a keeper).

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