STELLAR Will Also Have A July Comeback That Looks Like It’s Picking Up Right Where ‘Marionette’ Left Off

Stellar managed to draw plenty of flack for its 2014 comeback “Marionette” due to the sheer sexuality that the group put on display and it looks like, despite (or maybe exactly because) of the netizen backlash that the group experienced with “Marionette,” the group will be looking to extend that concept even further with their upcoming July comeback.

(Love or hate “Marionette,” and I happen to find it to be “meh,” it’s hard to fault the group for going with another almost comically sexual concept considering that “Marionette” was the group’s best-selling single.)

Stellar unveiled the album jacket cover for their new single “Vibrato” which will be released on July 20th and it somehow makes “Marionette” look positively puritan by comparison.

I don't know whether to laugh or die.

I don’t know whether to laugh or die.

Now, those are supposedly qipaos, but I’m pretty damn sure that this stretches the definition of what a qipao is to the point of absurdity. Generously, I think these outfits are more akin to “sexy smocks” or “generously ventilated aprons.”

Regardless of how the song turns out, “Vibrato” should induce some beautiful netizen tears and that’s always worth a laugh or two.



  1. I’m Chinese and have seen some pretty darn short and high-cut qipaos (aka choengsams) in my time *ahem, hostess & hookers* but these “mini-qipaos”‘ are so absurd that they can only come from the likes of an online lingerie or cos-play store like
    Very much looking forward to die laughing to “Vibrato”, which I’m guessinghoping will somehow involve a dildo.

  2. Shadow · · Reply

    I’d pay money to see them actually dance in those.

  3. Yeah, I saw this on thier Instagram and thought “well, those are nice red dresses”. It wasn’t until I saw it reposted on Reddit that I noticed they were basically wearing towels with holes cut for thier heads and thongs. Very interesting concept. I really thought these girls got a raw deal with both Marionette and Mask. I really like both of those songs, but the controversy and ridicule the dance moves and outfits got overshadowed the music. There last one wasn’t quite as good (except for it being a big fuck you to all of their haters, which was great), but I hope this one goes back to the style of those earlier songs.

  4. rohaniyerdxb · · Reply

    At this stage all I have to say is –
    If this release is even half as meh as “Marionette” it will be as good as the rest of the releases this summer.

    I desperately need someone to come up with a monster release (though of course I don’t expect it from Stellar). Such a big summer cannot end with absolutely zero killer tracks.

    1. Agreed. Last year for me it was Hyuna’s Red and the year before that Girl’s Day’s Female President. Nothing released this summer (or this year actually) comes even remotely close to either of those two.

      1. What about last summer’s “I Swear” from Sistar guys? The lead-in shot of Bora’s rear alone makes that one rank high in the all-time greatest summer hits pantheon.

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