KARA’s Hara’s July Solo Debut Is Looking Pretty Promising


Although news of Goo Hara’s July solo debut has been known for months, DSP Media has recently released further details about Hara’s solo project.

Hara’s first solo album will reportedly be entitled, and be prepared to groan at this pun, “ALOHARA (Can You Feel It?)” and it will be available to purchase on July 14th.

DSP Media also released a teaser image which, well, should help Hara’s solo debut gain some attention during such a stacked months of comebacks.

Goo-Hara solo debut

Well…. ffffffffffffffffff.

The teaser image may not be some glorious bait-and-switch tactic either (Please, please, please, please say it isn’t). Apparently, KBS has already deemed Hara’s solo track “What Do You Think?” unfit for broadcast because of sexually suggestive lyrics.

I’m still a little skeptical if Hara can carry a song by herself as her vocals don’t really leave much of an impression but that may not won’t matter in this case if Hara can just simply cause the masses to experience simultaneous heart attacks at the same time by prancing around in a sprinkler.

*Girl’s Day review coming tomorrow.



  1. Is Hara a solo caliber singer? I heard her singing a solo once at at concert in Japan and it was pretty brutal albeit she was trying to sing Joan Jett’s “I Love Rock & Roll” and she was clearly struggling with pronunciation. Maybe it was just that she was struggling so bad with her English that it hurt her singing. It would be funny if this was the rare solo where the song was actually quite good, but the singer wasn’t up to executing it with her singing.

    By the way, I haven’t seen a Sistar review, which is kind of surprising.

  2. Um, it’s Goddess Goo Hara or Goddess Hara. Jeez. Don’t make me tell you again.

  3. She’s pretty good in this clip, but I still wonder whether she can carry very many songs outside her “comfort zone”. (& hence a whole mini-album).

    1. Yeah, I can’t think of a time where Hara has carried a song. Not that that matters THAT much in pop.

  4. Shadow · · Reply

    Whoever picked this July for this girl to release a solo should be fired. Hara has to sing great, not good, but great, anyway, and then put her up against the top Kpop acts in Korea. Sure. . . this is going to turn out well.

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