Selca Sunday Is The Holier Day

fei miss a

Welcome to the latest edition of Selca Sunday, where the week’s never-ending K-Pop social-media posts are consolidated and condensed into one post for your viewing pleasure. In this week’s edition, the goddess Wang Fei Fei takes the top spot because she’s Wang freakin’ Fei Fei. Without further ado:

Jieun of SECRET:

A wink to rule them all.

A wink to rule them all.

Lizzy of After School:

So chic.

So chic.

Kyungri and Hyuna of Nine Muses:

The comeback is real.

The comeback is real.

 Kang Min Kyung of Davichi:

A reminder that Davichi is awesome.

A reminder that Davichi is awesome.

Sunhwa of SECRET, Hara of KARA and Hyomin of T-ara:

Like a family reunion.

Like a family reunion.

Minah of Girl’s Day:

Don't know what's going on here but it works.

Don’t know what’s going on here but it works.

Jaekyung of Rainbow:

Jaekyung's ready for summer.

Jaekyung’s ready for summer.

Taeyeon of SNSD:

Beach day.

Beach day.

Nana of After School:

Nana's makeup game is strong.

Nana’s makeup game is strong.

Hyuna of 4Minute:

Just ffffffffffffffffffffff

Just ffffffffffffffffffffff

That’ll do it for this week. Hope all of y’all had a good weekend and we’ll do this all again next week.



  1. Who got to take that picture of Hyuna? It doesn’t look like it was taken by herself. Whoever it was, it looks like they were pretty lucky to be there.

    Taeyeon’s complexion is so porcelain that with that mud on her it reminds me of the old porcelain dolls you see in museums where the white enamel has cracked or been rubbed off and you are seeing the color of the clay underneath it.

  2. JaySee · · Reply

    Yes… 변태연 everyone knows you’re a dirty, dirty girl. 😉

    Hyuna’s boobs not flattening while laying down makes me suspect implants. That or her push up bra is heavily padded and tight.

    1. Hey now!, you’re talking about my bias’s girlfreind there.

      err, wait.. your right, she is a _dirty_ girl.

  3. Shadow · · Reply

    I thought before that Hyuna had breast implants. More investigation is needed however. Would like to take a hands-on approach for that investigation to get a feel for the subject matter.

    1. I see *some* flaten-ing occuring. They _could_ be real. Definitely would like to find out.

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