Waifu Wednesday: Irene

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Bae Ju Hyun (better known by her stage name Irene) is a South Korean idol singer, rapper and dancer. She is best known for being the leader, main rapper, main dancer and vocalist in SM Entertainment’s future hopeful Red Velvet.

Titles in K-Pop groups are often more honorary than anything else, but when one girl gets the titles of leader, main rapper AND main dancer, it probably means that there’s something there. Such is the case with Irene, the SM Entertainment product who was brought under the company’s wing in 2009. Her rise to stardom isn’t particularly surprising given SM’s apparent faith in her stardom. SM must have known that they had struck gold with Irene as she was given spots in Henry’s “143” and SHINee’s “Why So Serious” and she was a part of predebut team SM Rookies, where she helped make this masterpiece of dance.

Irene has also managed to become a host on Music Bank in short order, and she apparently is very good friends with f(x)’s Amber, so she must be doing a hell of a lot right.

Add the fact that Red Velvet isn’t even one year old yet and I have no choice but to happily conclude that it will soon be Irene’s world and we should all be so blessed to live in it.


Irene is so hot that she can vaporize steel beams with a smile.

SM's bright future.

SM’s bright future.

Irene’s cuteness is so potent, it comes a warning label.

I am ded. D-E-D. Ded.

I am ded. D-E-D. Ded.

If Red Velvet didn’t exist, it would be necessary for God to create it for Irene.

Shining bright like a fistful of diamonds in the hot sun.

Shining bright like a fistful of diamonds in the hot sun.

Irene is so flawless that the heavens are rewriting all their rules to accommodate her.

Mercy Irene, please.

Mercy Irene, please.

Irene’s beauty is so wonderful that it is worshiped in different dimensions.




Lawd baby



  1. rinnlakkuma · · Reply

    OMG Irene >///<
    Waifu Wednesday is ❤
    Forever lurking here! All the best Yelloslug ^o^

    *continues spazzing baechuuu*

  2. Irene reminds me kinda of Yura in how each totally outclasses the rest of their respective groups looks-wise.
    ps please continue with the Velvets.

    1. Hey, hey, hey. I will not have Sojin disrespected like that.

  3. rohaniyerdxb · · Reply

    Irene is so flawless that the only imperfection on this page is its tag under “News and views” instead of “Waifu Wednesday”

    I particularly enjoyed one bit on Weekly Idol where she was asked to explain the concept of “Happiness” and her scripted response was painfully obvious to the extent that they called her out on it. Her embarrassment was adorable. There is a certain earnest quality to her which is hard not to like. And she is totally gorgeous.

    Question: Do you like bright and cheery RV (a la “Happiness” and “Ice Cream”) or dark, stylish and mature RV (“Be Natural” and “Automatic”). My preference is for the latter.

    I will count the hours till Seulgi gets featured on here; even though Wendy is the more clear choice.

    1. Whoopsies fixed.

    2. Shadow · · Reply

      Automatic rocks really hard. Great song.

    3. Agreed. They are all pretty and talented, but Wendy is the only reason I pay any attention to Red Velvet.

    4. Yep, “Automatic” is an excellent track. The track is great, the video is too… mature & sexy without being in-your-face like “Joker”. Hell of a deal for a “rookie” group.

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