SNSD Tease Three Separate Comebacks For Stupidly Busy July Month

snsd party

In what seems like some heavenly plot to make me type until my fingers fall off, Girls Generation is releasing three separate music videos for the month of July.

And no, this isn’t going to a T-ara-like job where the group releases three slightly different videos for the same damn song. SNSD is going to flood the internet with “Party,” “Lion Heart,” and “You Think” so everyone else might as well take the month off.

As for initial impressions based on nothing except a ten second sampling of each video (because it’s never too early to form a baseless opinion!), “Party” seems like the most disposable to me, if for nothing else than the fact that the track sounds like it’s designed for a Kidz Bop album and the visual concept of “let’s put them in jean shorts and  a top and uh, have the beach there” isn’t exactly the most memorable of concepts (the combination of the song and the visuals seems to pale in comparison to say, SISTAR’s mastery of the summer beach concept).

“Lion Heart” has a nice set and I actually kind of dig the wardrobe that SNSD sports in all of its disco glory. However, the snippet of song that comes with it is pretty unimpactful. Seohyun looks pretty damn great rocking that red hair though.

As for “You Think,” I’m pretty much sold off already. The apparent split of stylistic concepts of the dark and barren urban settings contrasts bizarrely with the bright, screaming pinks of the other set pieces and I would have much preferred that the group stuck with the former over the latter (Hell, I wouldn’t have hated it if the group basically retrofitted “Bad Girl” in any way, shape or form) but the song sounds like a banger, and I much prefer the high-energy dance music version of SNSD to the lighter tone and style that the group seems to be going for in “Party.”

In terms of levels of anticipation, I’d go “You Think,” “Party” and then “Lion Heart” (mostly because “Lion Heart” seems like the most ambiguous out of the three vidoes). However, the actual videos will come out soon enough (“Party” is scheduled to release on July 7th) after which I’m sure I will have somewhere between 1,000 and 2,000 words to write on these damn things (and I will love every single second of it).



  1. Hold it. Did you just dis Bad Girl? It’s thier best Japanese single and one of their best songs overall. My favorite live performance. .

    Singapore crowd is just berserk

    1. Maybe I was clear, I love Bad Girl and wouldn’t have minded if they just basically re-did the concept for this upcoming thing.

      1. No, I mis-read it. I should have known better. Sorry!

  2. Wow, I thought the same thing.. Seo looks damn good in that red hair. Maybe that’s because I always loved Fany in the red hair & she is Fany’s protege.. I dunno.. but beautiful nonetheless.

  3. no commentary on fei’s amazing new photoshoot ? i’m shocked.

    1. I had planned to but something must have come up. If you want a quick summary of what the post would have been, it’s this:

      Wang “Goddess” Fei “Goddess” Fei” Goddess” recently did a photo shoot for InStyle magazi-ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff.

      1. that sounds about right. i feel reassured that i seem to be an ordinary human being considering the above seems to be the only possible reaction to those pictures.

  4. black soshi · · Reply

    The illusion created by the multiple paddle boards make it appear there is room for one more. I have to keep telling myself that it wasn’t on purpose. I really can’t believe this is about to happen.
    On a happy note I’m stoked about Sunny’s tits.

  5. rohaniyerdxb · · Reply

    “You Think” is the clear winner

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