Wonder Girls Will Try To Make A Comeback With A Band Concept


Perhaps realizing that the company’s entire business model has essentially boiled down to “Bae Suzy,” JYP Entertainment recently announced that it would be organizing a comeback for the Wonder Girls, the once popular K-Pop group who went to America and were promptly never seen again*.


However, this won’t be an ordinary Wonder Girls comeback. First, the roster will only feature four members – Yenny, Lim, Yubin and a returning Sunmi as former member Sohee left JYP Entertainment to pursue an acting career in 2014. Secondly, the Wonder Girls will be returning to the K-Pop spotlight as a band. Be still my beating heart.

JYPE also confirmed that the Wonder Girls will be forming a band as rumored with Yenny on keyboards, Lim on guitar, Sunmi on bass, and Yubin on drums.

I mean, this is likely a gimmick designed to pump the most minimal of hype into a comeback that only die-hard Wonder Girls fans were clamoring for but let’s look at the positives here.

1. Yubin returning to K-Pop

2. Yubin returning to K-Pop to play drums


4. Me dying from the indescribable happiness at seeing Yubin play drums.

5. Did I mention Yubin? Cuz she’s coming back. And she’s gonna be banging away on some drums.



Hey, if AOA won’t pursue the whole band concept any further than I’m glad that someone else is, even if it’s the reconstituted bits of the monument to JYP’s American Dream.



  1. if there’s a reason for me to come back into kpop the wonder girls would be it

  2. noona4mthablock · · Reply

    I continue to weep with joy. #JusticeForYubin reached someone and my prayers have been answered. Yubin on drums is but a sweet addition to the dream. I am beyond excited.

    1. JaySee · · Reply

      Was Yubin wronged in some way?

      1. Only that she was taken off the air *sniff, sniff

  3. Shadow · · Reply

    This is yet another example of the stupidity of Korean entertainment agencies. This group was good. “was” being the operative term. And now JYP wants to reconstitute them? I like the Wonder Girls, and for their sake I hope this works.

  4. Dude, is that a pic of Sunye up top instead of Sunmi?

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