No One Apparently Knows What The Hell Is Going On With Sulli’s Status In f(x)


Sulli has pretty much been out of the public eye since she abruptly went on hiatus during f(x)’s promotions for “Red Light.”

The reasons “hiatus” evolved from “illness” to being “mentally and physically exhausted from the continuous, malicious comments and false rumors” to… hoping that everyone would simply forget that f(x) had a fifth member. However,  it seems that as weeks turned into months since Sulli’s last sighting, SM Entertainment itself apparently forgot about Sulli, even as they prepare for an f(x) comeback in September.

Yesterday, it was reported that Sulli was preparing to leave f(x) to prepare for a career in acting, a rumor that certainly seemed reasonable given her extended absence.

According to various music industry insiders on June 25, Sulli has decided to end promotions as a member of f(x) and is preparing to officially embark on a solo career path as an actress.

SM’s initial response? “Um, lemme email a guy who may know a guy who may know something.”

“We read the articles regarding Sulli leaving the group. We are currently trying to check the situation. We are seeing whether there is any truth to this internally within the company. So once everything is organized, we will send out our statement.” 

Ok, not the most graceful response. A simple “no comment” would probably have been better than admitting that one doesn’t know what the hell is going on in one’s own backyard. Still, once things were investigated, SM could put forth a more definitive statement, right? RIGHT?

Nope. SM “clarified” their previous statement with this:

“Nothing has been determined regarding Sulli leaving the group. Sulli’s team activities will be decided upon carefully.”

Ah, the classic “non-confirmation, nor denial” response. That will surely clear things up. The truly hilarious thing about all of this is that there’s a good chance that even SM Entertainment may not know what the hell is going on with Sulli.



  1. Yep this could have just been a rumor planted by someone in Sulli’s camp to get leverage in a negotiation to get her back working again or to draw fan attention to pressure SM to do something with her. I think most of us thought last summer that if Sulli was lucky this would end with her out of f(x) and pursuing an acting career. She wasn’t critical to the group after all and had become an increasing liability with. If she wasn’t lucky she could end up in the SM gulag next to Jessica waiting for her contract to run out, so she can sign somewhere else and promote again.

    It seems comical how poorly organized SM’s statements are. There is some kind of major managerial problem at that company right now. Either they have low level group managers who are afraid to tell things to their superiors, superiors that don’t listen to their subordinates when they do bring something to them, or some really incompetent managers in some key positions in PR/communications and Group management. Between the fiasco with Red Light’s promotions the continued defections from EXO, and SNSD Jessica-gate, it sure seems like management there is not keeping the pulse of its groups. Considering how controlling K-pop usually is, it is quite a shock for a company not to be aware of everything their group and its members are up to.

    It seems reasonable that last year Sulli had tried SM on for size either wanting more control than her contract allowed, had a bad attitude and had been insubordinate, or was engaging in outright diva behavior and SM said enough and put her on hiatus. Now why they pulled the plug on the rest of the group is while they were having no problem promoting without her is harder to say. Had Sulli kind of poisoned the well and got the rest of the group agitating for more control, had she burned bridges with the group professionally and they were about to do to her what SNSD did to Jessica a few months later, or did SM want to hedge their bets with getting some of their investment in Sulli back out of her to terminating promotions would make the illness and exhaustion stories more plausible.

    Ironically for the members other than Sulli this might have been the best year for them. Amber was everywhere. Luna won a singing show. Victoria was very busy in China. I don’t think Krystal had an acting gig, but she was in plenty of magazines and CF’s even with the awkward situation with her sister and SM. It certainly didn’t look like SM was penalizing the rest of the group, so I don’t think they were in on some kind of mutiny where SM had to remind them who was boss.

    I could see Sulli’s act wearing thin on the rest of the group. Krystal goes out and performs when she likely should be home in bed getting a transfusion due to her anemia. The rest of the members all work very hard as well. I could see them getting very pissed off at Sulli’s little dramas and the way she kept everyone in the lurch it seemed on whether she would perform a day or not while promoting. I could also see that SM simply wanted to provide cover in the hope they could get something out of Sulli later even if it meant cutting short a promotion that was going very well. If indeed the original plan had been to have a follow-up promotion with another single and a re-issue of Red Light several months later you could do that with just the four members if Sulli really was in the doghouse with the company or the group.

    Side Note: Krystal can visit the SM “Home for Wayward Former Stars” and kill two birds with one stone by seeing her sister and groupmate. She’a a busy girl, so it was nice of SM to help her manage her time by putting Krystal and Jessica in the same wing of the gulag.

    From all I have read Sulli isn’t much of an actress. She needs a lot of seasoning and practice and we aren’t talking someone with a personality like Seohyun who is never accused of loafing. Sulli is pretty well recognized as being lazy about many things professionally.

    Speaking of Seohyun she recently surfaced in a guest starring role in a drama for an episode playing someone’s niece. It looks like the couple stage productions she has been in since her last time on a TV drama has improved her acting. She looked a lot more comfortable. Hopefully she keeps honing her skill on the stage especially playing characters that have little in common with her personally to push herself to I don’t know if she has the gift to be a great or even good actress, but at least with Seohyun, you know that she is going to give it her all, listen to coaches, directors, and other actors, and likely not make the same mistake twice. I wonder what Sulli’s reputation is around the industry?

  2. Shadow · · Reply

    I don’t believe a word from SM.

  3. JaySee · · Reply

    Sulli probably has no more male Korean fans anyway. Now everyone knows she’s been sullied with Choiza’s big D. Her virgin kpop idol pretense has been shattered.

  4. I forgot what this article was about by the time I scrolled down this far!

  5. rohaniyerdxb · · Reply

    All I can say is, she looks stunning in this picture. Stunning I tell you!

  6. off-topic. hi yellowslug, would you happen to know who this kpop idol is?

    i would ask where i originally saw it, on akpfg. but those people are cruel over there. and would not tell anyway. much thanks in advance.

    1. rohaniyerdxb · · Reply

      That would be former Wonder Girls member Sunmi who now performs as a solo artist.
      Both her tracks “24 hours” and “Full Moon” are awesome.

      1. thanks rohaniyerdxb and yellow slug.

        and thanks for the pointers to the songs! totally agree that they are awesome.

  7. black soshi · · Reply

    Thankfully I am a Lunstal shipper. Really hope she stays with the group. OT5

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