Waifu Wednesday: Heo Gayoon

heo gayoon

Heo Ga-yoon (better known as Gayoon) is a South Korean idol singer. She is best known for being a member and main vocalist of K-Pop group 4Minute as well as for being one half of the group’s sub-unit, the not-too-creatively-titled 2Yoon.

Gayoon may be 4Minute’s well deserved and very talented main vocalist but she doesn’t get as much attention as one would expect given her abilities and obvious visual appeal. Part of that is due to the Hyuna Factor but part of it is due to the fact that 4Minute largely aims to provide the genre with electronic pop music that doesn’t emphasize or even really reward great vocal work. The times where she’s been given the opportunity to shine (2Yoon, “Volume Up”) she’s shined. It’s only unfortunate that those sorts of opportunities haven’t come up more often.

I’m not sure how often it can be said that a group’s main vocalist is underappreciated but Gayoon may just fit that particular bill. Hell, I forgot that I hadn’t done a Gayoon Waifu Wednesday feature until I was kindly reminded of that fact a few weeks back. Here’s to correcting that rather egregious sin.


Gayoon is so pretty that she’s listed as a must-see sight on other planets.

Goddess forgive me.

Goddess forgive me.

Gayoon is so hot that she could power several cities with her gaze.

Another Instagram to follow.

Another Instagram to follow.

Gayoon’s singing is so good that choirs of angels fear for their job security.

Lawd have mercy.

Lawd have mercy.

Gayoon is so beautiful that her reflection is a world treasure.

Cuteness level over 9000.

Cuteness level over 9000.

Gayoon could move mountains with her voice and make pigs fly with a smile.







  1. You know who Gayoon reminds me of a lot is a young Tia Carrere especially before Gayoon lost a lot of weight (Too much weight at one point in a misguided attempt at making her legs super slim to hide her skinny ankles and very tiny feet) going into the 2Yoon promotions. Another song I think highlights her voice a little more than most 4Minute songs was their Japanese release “Love Tension.” Hopefully she and Jiyoon will promote again at some point.

  2. Wish you had included as least one Volume Up picture

    I believe “Only Gained Weight” has what you’re looking for:

    1. Shadow · · Reply

      That really rocked. Good call.

  3. Could not recognise it was Gayoon from the top photo, I think she’s the one 4Minute member who’s appearance has changed the most. She looks to me to have some surgery done but the weight lost is a little too extreme for my liking. Good singer in a great group.

  4. On a random note, i saw a gif of her and Hyuna smacking each other on the ass.

  5. Oh really? Google returns multiple results but I think you’re referring to the following. They do clown around quite a bit 🙂

    1. That’s the one. And somehow this makes their friendship seem more real than the average idol girls.

      1. I enjoyed their ‘Travel Maker’ series (no so much ‘Mr Teacher’), particularly the episode with Sistar when they were trying to dance to each other’s hits and answered very candid questions in front of the camera .They are planning to launch a new reality TV show ‘4Minute’s Video’.

  6. rohaniyerdxb · · Reply

    Eight groups completed!
    Echoing the sentiments above, her weight loss was quite drastic and I can’t help but feel she has had something done to her chin. But I won’t complain – she looks great.

    Looking forward, two omissions which you might consider significant – Narsha & Soyou. With Soyou it will be one more group complete (and fits with their comeback in which she looks fantastic).

    The one group that might be complicated to finish is 9M. If you go for the “Peak hotness” lineup, Leesem is pending and in current lineup, Kumjo is – but I doubt if she’s worthy.

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