Review: AOA – “Heart Attack” Barely Gets The Heart Moving


While AOA hasn’t been in the business of reinventing the wheel of K-Pop popularity, they’ve been one of the genre’s more recent success stories. Unfortunately, “Heart Attack” doesn’t really attempt to raise the bar of AOA’s sound or concept and is very, very content to play everything safe with a song that is by no means a winner.

The big problem with “Heart Attack” is that the song is a fair mess. The Brave Brothers-produced beat relies entirely too heavily on a thumping, numbing, stomping synth that never lets up. While that may work in context of the approximately ten seconds of “sports arena noise” that is integrated into the video, it is almost comically overbearing for an entire song. It doesn’t help that AOA’s vocals are also auto-tuned into what amounts to an extra EDM instrument. The electronica feel of the vocals get subsumed by the dominant synths and that interplay makes “Heart Attack” sound more like a headache. If the whole point of the song was to create a sound that sounds like a cross between stadium cheers and a garbage disposal, then this moderately succeeds. As a pop song though, there’s not much positive to write home about.

At least they're trying very hard to sell it.

At least they’re trying very hard to sell it.

The video doesn’t make up for the song but it doesn’t hurt “Heart Attack” either. It’s just… a tad bland. AOA started off with a rather interesting concept (AOA White and AOA Black), masterfully transitioned from a cute girl group/band into one of the more reliably “sexy” concept groups around before sort of settling into the look that the group shows off in “Heart Attack.” Make no mistake, the girls look great (ChoA and Yuna forever) but the concept of AOA’s youthful sexiness isn’t particularly novel in the genre or even within the group’s body of work. The lacrosse concept is nice and it gives AOA the opportunity to work with some brilliantly colorful sets and outfits but the dance-in-a-box framework and the “girl pines for boy” plot are so utterly basic that it takes the stupidly pretty nature of AOA’s members to make “Heart Attack” impactful at all.

Yuna, on the other hand, impactful.

Yuna: impactful.

AOA basically treads water with “Heart Attack.” The beat is a blunt misfire and the video is a case study in “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix (or improve) it.” And hey, the group has proven to be wildly successful, so this sort of video isn’t entirely unexpected. Hopefully, the group will look to ‘wow’ with their next comeback *coughAOABlackplzcough because “Heart Attack” is something of a white-noise lullaby.



  1. Geez who peed in your Cheerios? It’s a summer Kpop song and I think it’s just delightful. I’m not obsessed with it like Short Hair, but for me it’s not too far behind. And it’s a hell of a lot better than Sistar’s new one. I’m still waiting for them to put out a song I like even a little bit. Meanwhile I’ll have this one on repeat for a little while and hopefully I’ll be able to get decent tickets to watch them do it live in Newark in August.

  2. I’d consider myself an AOA fan but I really did not like ‘Heart Attack’ one bit, and only tolerated ‘Like a Cat’. I think their previous body of work, no pun intended, is definitely better. BTW, ‘Girl’s Heart’ was initially the title track before they settled on what I consider an inferior ‘Like a Cat’.
    Brave Brothers seemed to have phoned this one in. I agree it’s high time for an AOA Black comeback. I think their sexy routine is getting a little long in the tooth, Yuna in sports bra notwithstanding.

  3. yeah i try to love this song but i can’t 😦 it so boring and a bit noisy and they sing so fast so i can’t sing along too

  4. rohaniyerdxb · · Reply

    I didn’t hate at as much as you did Slug.
    My thoughts:
    – The main tune was catchy as heck
    – Choa was the star of the show – not only did she look great, her expressions were priceless
    – Some scenes stood out – Seolhyun as the master, Hyejeong playing mother hen to Choa, Seolhyun’s introduction to the class
    – Yuna looked lovely but needs to work on her default facial expression
    – The excessive auto-tuning was distracting
    – The production could have been a but less noisy

    Overall this year so far, it pains me to say that the Boys have emphatically defeated the Waifus.
    BTS, Exo, Shinhwa, Shinee, 2PM all came up with far better releases than the female groups. “Sniper” is crazy good.

    The only releases that come to mind are “Catch me if you can”, “Automatic” & “Ah Oop” along with “Heart Attack:” as the requisite summer jam.
    I didn’t dig “Crazy” nor “Um Oh Ah Yeah” or the solo releases by Minah, Hyosung, et. al.

    1. Agreed, girl groups have really suffered in comparison to the boy groups this year.

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