Leaked SNSD’s “Catch Me If You Can” Featuring Jessica Jung Sure Is “Catch Me If You Can” Featuring Jessica Jung

jessica jung catch me if you can

I’ll get to AOA’s “Heart Attack” tomorrow because I’ll have more free time tomorrow holy hell, there’s a leaked version of SNSD’s “Catch Me If You Can” with deposed Ice Princess Jessica Jung and it’s totally, utterly, completely not mind-blowing at all.

Of course, the first question that comes to mind is whether this version is superior or inferior based on Jessica’s contributions. On some sort of visceral level, it’s damn near disorienting to see something that looks like it should reside in some alternative “What If” dimension (and, as an Ice Princess fanboi, it’s a bittersweet reminder of what could have been). However, after that initial shock wears off, the truly remarkable thing about this leak is how unremarkably similar the video is to the proper release. Sure, the group looks more “whole” or whatever (OT9 4EVAAAA) but when it comes to the song, there’s very little that separates the Jung-ified version of “Catch Me If You Can” from the non-Jungified version aside from a tiny bit of Jessica’s trademark nasally* delivery that comes through in the former.

*I use the term “nasally” in the utmost complimentary manner.

If nothing else, watching this version should serve as a reminder that so much of what is enjoyable about K-Pop simply isn’t the music itself but the personas, marketing and performances that are all tightly interwoven into every song and concept that is painstakingly constructed by many moving parts.

Now, excuse me while I bury my face in ice cream and I weep before my Ice Princess altar with this video plays in the background.




  1. That’s a “Fringe” moment right there. But yeah, nothing remarkably different. Though I would say that Yuri seemed to have gained weight between both video though. Ha ha.

    1. Thick Yuri is best Yuri.

      1. The rightest of right opinions.

      2. Who are you calling “thick”?! I just help Yoona finish all her leftovers.

  2. We are being haunted by the ghost of Sica Jung and i for one welcome her icy presence.

  3. For anyone interested.. i was afraid that video would disappear when I saw this article go up. I’ve got it, so if Slug is willing to risk hosting it?

    1. Good grab, that’s downright cool. Hopefully Slug will consider that.

      Jessica is still contracted to SM, right? It strikes me as funny that SM would be shooting so much venom about this video when all parties are still employees. Plus you would think SM could make some money with this video.

  4. Joshua · · Reply

    You are seriously funny XD

    1. Thanks, I try (and usually fail) but even a broken clock etc., etc.

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