Hyosung Obliterates/Slays/Decimates Souls For Cosmopolitan With No Regard For Human Life


So it’s been a while since there’s been a K-Pop-related photo shoot that has made me lose all ability to write coherently, so here is this July Cosmopolitan spread that Secret’s Hyosung put together.

The theme is “sportybedfshewfdsfdsfgfdshfddlhfadfjhhhhhnnnnnngggggggg” I guess.

adidas owes Hyosung her own kingdom because their apparel will never look this good ever again. Seriously, adidas’s South Korean division can stop giving 2NE1 all that horrible Jeremy Scott swag now. Hyosung just became the new overlord of adidas.

Shut Everything Down.

Shut Everything Down.

I don't get this one but I'm not going to question it at all.

I don’t get this one but I’m not going to question it at all.

I’d like to write more words but my mind is rapidly and irrevocably turning to mush.

#전효성 #Junhyoseong #Cosmopolitan #Summer #화보 #201507

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I regret nothing.



  1. Shadow · · Reply


    she loses those babies, her career is over. Even though I do like her and Secrets music.

  2. Now that we’ve seen Jlaw and Scarjo’s goodies Hyosung is on top of my list of celebs who need to just get it over with already. I shan’t hold my breath though.

  3. G.Na had a nice pictorial out today as well, though not as revealing as Hyosung’s.


  4. Shadow · · Reply


  5. Oh, btw there is a making video out how too.

  6. Oh, and not to be outdone, Soyu from Sistar is releasing a fitness video.


    Also Hyorin has a new pictorial out too.


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