Waifu Wednesday: Youngji

youngji ww cover

Heo Young-ji (better known by her stage name Youngji) is a South Korean idol singer and dancer. She is best known for being the new maknae and vocalist of K-Pop institution Kara.

To say that Youngji had some big shoes to fill when she became a member of Kara would be putting it lightly. Kara had lost two of its members; the stunning Jiyoung and OG member/rapper/goddess Nicole Jung and any new member would have the difficult task of distinguishing themselves in Kara’s televised talent show Kara Project while also seamlessly integrating themselves into a trio of veterans.

The fact that Youngji wound up as the eventual victor of the competition isn’t surprising. She was a former trainee at Core Contents Media before her stay at DSP Media and she apparently caught the eye of Goo Hara during that time period. What is surprising is how easily Youngji has filled her role as the only replacement for two very excellent members. I’m not entirely convinced that Youngji has the time to become a star in her own right but she’s been exactly the kind of talent that Kara needed after the Jiyoung/Nicole exodus – polished, a little versatile and painstakingly cute.

As far as a replacement goes, you can’t ask for much more than that.


Youngji is so pretty that mirrors yearn for her to use them.

The midriff is real.

The midriff is real.

Youngji’s cuteness is so powerful that it opens up portals to other dimensions.

Getting sweet, sweet eye cavities.

Getting sweet, sweet eye cavities.

Youngji’s smile could power a rocketship to the sun.

Wassup, yo.

Wassup, yo.

Youngji is so beautiful that she can melt whole planets with a glance.

A new queen arises.

A new queen arises.

Youngji is so charming that she could sell a pair of wings to an angel.




Lawd baby



  1. I like the way she rapped in Cupid. Though she lacks in filling the shoes of those two goddesses, i’d say, she is a decent addition, nonetheless.
    Ooh, btw, you might want to see nine muses’ new teaser pics. They’re so hawt!!!

    1. Yuuuup. Nine Muses gonna Nine Muses.

  2. It also seems that she mastered the other skills required of a rookie member entering a well-established group, making fans think she was very humble so she didn’t have backlash from them, and apparently working very hard so veteran members weren’t having to ride her on mistakes and potentially be seen as hazing her, and not making mistakes on stage with Nicole’s or Jiyoung’s parts which would annoy fans.

    In some ways too it maybe was a good thing to not bring in two new rookies as then each would have had all the pressure of filling Jiyoung’s and Nicole’s roles. In this case she had to take some of each, but other members did too, so if there were fans bitter about it, it was spread around the whole group more, so fans couldn’t just pile on the rookie for not being Nicole or Jiyoung.

    One thing that certainly helped her with this transition is that even with Roommates poor ratings, she was a standout on the show and as we all know being likeable or fun as a regular on a variety show can go a long way in making you popular as an idol.

  3. Shadow · · Reply

    I just hope Youngji can keep her star rising. I like Kara, but as a group I fear their not long for this world, unless they get really good, no great, songs.

    But Youngji has a little bit of talent, and she is just so goofily pretty. Want to see her keep going in the kpop and variety show world.

    As an aside, If you haven’t seen Gyuri and From the Airport’s new video, you should. It’s really good.

    And yup, I agree with the Nine Muses teaser pics. hubba hubba.

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