Mamamoo’s Spoiler Video For ‘Pinky Funky’ Doesn’t Have A Bad Sounding Bit On It


Mamamoo is expected to release their 2nd mini-album ‘Pink Funky’ in a few days so the group has done what is pretty standard for a lot of groups looking for as much promotion as possible: They’ve pretty much gone and teased EVERYTHING about their upcoming project.

They released a “Music Video Highlights” clip for their upcoming music video a few days ago that confirms that the Mamamoo-as-dudes concept from the initial teasers is very much going to be a part of the final product.

Hell, the group also released one of those album highlight videos as well, which gives a Cliff Notes version of what the album will sound like. Spoilers: It sounds fantastic.

And here’s the tracklist:

  1. Freakin Shoes (Composed and written in part by Wha Sa)
  2. um oh ah yeh (Written in part by Solar, Moon Byul, and Wha Sa)
  3. Sting
  4. No no no (Written in part by Moon Byul)
  5. Self Camera
  6. AHH! OOP!

Freakin Shoes, which was composed and partially written by Hwasa, has a very nice funkiness going for it between the heavy bass and the lumbering horns. The lead single “Um Oh Ah Yeh” sounds like a part-funk part-disco summer jam, a departure from the group’s previous soulful approach that doesn’t sound awkward or forced. The third track, “Sting”, is likely a classic ballady filler track but Mamamoo has the talent to crank those out with ease and the bit that’s teased here at first (the chorus?) is particularly strong. “No No No” actually sounds more like a Mamamoo single than “Um Oh Ah Yeh.” Retro-ish soul done with a K-Pop twist is basically my favorite thing so this one seems very promising (Moon Byul also received a writing credit for it). Self Camera sounds like quintessential filler but the last track “Ahh! Oop!” has the makings of another catchy bluesy Mamamoo track that I will likely have on repeat for days after it drops. and the last track is one that has already been released (Thanks to @modernfoppery for correcting me on this one and shame on me for writing this in the morning without a cup of coffee).

Of course, now that Mamamoo has essentially released the TLDR versions of both their music video and their album, I’m not even sure what is left for the group to drop at this point.



  1. You know that “Ahh! Oop!” came out back in April, right?

    I love the sound of “No No No” and “Freakin Shoes” (always down for a Hwasa-written song), but the rest of the new songs feel a little underwhelming to me. I listened to the guerrilla performance of “Um Oh Ah Yeh” and thought it sounded pretty generic, but maybe my opinion will change when I hear a better-quality version. I’m beyond excited for the cross-dressing MV, at least.

    1. Slipped my mind to be honest. I am pretty horrible when I write in the morning though. I should stop doing that.

  2. babibulma · · Reply

    Reblogged this on BABIBULMA.

  3. Was Sting the composer, name of the song, or both? 🙂

  4. Shadow · · Reply

    Um Oh Ah yeh Music video. this is basic kpop. What happened to their sound? Did they sell out?

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