Mamamoo Looks Like It Will Slay All Souls With Upcoming Awkwardly Titled “Um Oh Ah Yeah”


Mamamoo is set to return in about a week with their second mini-album “Pink Funky” and their comeback single “Um Oh Ah Yeah” so the teasers have started to come out in earnest.

Let’s just say that they’ve been pretty damn entertaining in their own unique ways.

To start, Mamamoo released some seriously amazing cross-dressing trailers to promote their comeback. Who knew that Hwasa could rock a Jay Leno chin so convincingly?

Unfortunately, while the idea of having Mamamoo play dudes for a music video (especially in such convincing makeup) would be one that I would have looked forward to like a fat kid looks forward to Baskin Robbins’ Free Scoop Day, it seems that the actual music video for “Um Oh Ah Yeah” will be much more conventional than that. Fortunately, it’s a Mamamoo release, which means that the vocals should be on point at the very least.

The only hangup that I have with the way that Mamamoo has promoted this comeback so far is the song’s title, which is damn hard to remember (“Does the ‘Oh’ come before or after the ‘Ah?'” I asked myself for the fiftieth time while writing this thing) and sounds like a title that was written by a sleep-talking Jeff Goldblum.

Everything else? It looks damn good. The whole week can shove it, the sooner that it’s June 19th, the better.

I can't even pick which member looks the best. It has to be SoWheeByulAsa.

I can’t even pick which member looks the best. It has to be SoWheeByulAsa.


One comment

  1. The teaser certainly looks and more importantly sounds promising. It seems like lately a lot of K-pop companies have forgotten they are in the music business and have been too worried about eye candy when they are actually in the ear candy business first and only after you have the ears taken care of should you worry about the eyes. I really hope that we start seeing some good comebacks with some decent music. It has been a brutal several months with little if anything worth listening to.

    This group makes me long for a SPICA comeback as I would just like to hear some serious singing. Fortunately there are a couple groups coming up that have several good vocalists, so you cross your fingers that they are given lyrics that work and music that doesn’t annoy you like that damn synthesized juice harp sound in Hyosung’s recent “Into You” single that makes that song hard to listen to.

    Hopefully we get a strong Sistar, SNSD, AOA, and Girl’s Day release in the next month or so, and dare I say it, albums that actually have songs on them that could have been strong contenders for a lead single or are good enough for a follow-up single a month or two later.

    I’ll never understand, why if you are going to record an EP or LP, why you would have it be so weak that you can’t recoup any of the investment in it with an additional couple of singles. There’s a reason why Katy Perry, Beyonce, and Taylor Swift make such huge amounts of money. They go into the studio and come out with something that they can promote and tour on for over a year. Considering how album sales are one of he few profitable elements of the Korean music industry (See SM’s bottom line breakdown) I just don’t get why you see so many weak albums released. That said if it was easy to fill and album with hits you would see more hit albums and not just hit singles in the music industry worldwide. Still how some artists manage to produce strong albums and others can’t do better than a strong single is a mystery. Clearly there are A&R guys who are tone deaf, or record execs who can’t figure out that they are in the music business and that if you are going to spend studio time recording 40 minutes of material of which only three minutes are commercially viable, then you need to sack some people and find either better composers, better musicians, or better singers.

    If your model is just to record one good song and not care about the rest, why invest in an album. Instead just focus on a single every couple months and not waste money on paying composers for songs that are throw-away, or pay for studio time and engineers to record a song that you can’t sell. I know sometimes you make a mistake and overestimate a song as being something you can sell, but that can’t be the case when you put nine songs on an album and only one is listenable. That’s just giving the finger to your customers or shows you have no idea what you are doing and that any success you are having is likely dumb luck that occasionally a good song makes it past your screening, which should get you fired.

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