Waifu Wednesday: Chang Seungyeon

Chang Seungyeon (also simply known as Seungyeon) is a South Korean idol singer and dancer. She is best known for being the main dancer and lead vocalist of K-Pop rookie group CLC.

CLC is a rookie group, so it’s admittedly a little difficult to get that much of a grasp of how each member is supposed to differentiate from each other or how they plan on utilizing their personalities to stand out from the overflowing crowd of K-Pop groups. Nevertheless (thanks to some helpful nudges from last week’s comments section), it definitely seems like CLC’s Seungyeon has all the makings of a star. She’s stupidly adorable, she can dance in a way that can adequately be described as magnetic and she can sing. Also, she can strum the guitar which means that she deserves her own Pantheon.

So, yeah. Here’s to Seungyeon’s long and prosperous K-Pop career. And may it one day be easier to find material on “Seungyeon” that isn’t of the slightly more famous Seungyeon of KARA.


Seungyeon is so cute that her smile raises blood sugar levels of bunnies.

I'm melting.

I’m melting.

Seungyeon can dance so well that her moves can sometimes only be described as colors.

The winks. They are deadly.

The winks. They are deadly.

Seungyeon’s beauty is so inspiring that she is indirectly responsible for a billion scientific breakthroughs.

The future looks a little more bright.

The future looks a little more bright.

Seungyeon is so amazing that could sell a heater to a volcano.

Alright, we've reached peak human accomplishment. We're done here folks.

Alright, we’ve reached peak human accomplishment. We’re done here folks.

Seungyeon is so pretty that her smile is a celebrated constellation on alien planets.

The world will just have to make do with more amazing Seungyeons.

The world will just have to make do with more amazing Seungyeons.


Oh so happy



  1. Best new thighs, like the perfect amount of thighs.

    Comparable only to Jihyo’s (SIXTEEN), but Jihyo hasn’t debuted yet.

  2. Shadow · · Reply

    She is so beautiful and talented.

    If I was only 30 years younger. *sigh*

  3. Seriously, where do they keep coming up with them? I never even heard of this one before, and she’s glorious. They’ve go to have a factory over there or something.

    1. Been saying that for a long time… they MANUFACTURE them!! That is the only rationale explanation for the seemingly endless stream of beautiful talented girls coming out of S. Korea.

    i never expected her to become my favorite tbh but she just pulls you in when shes performing

  5. i approve so much. she’s really quite lovable, and i think her voice would do well in a rock song. plus she has monolids which i find quite attractive.

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