SNSD Debuts Seven Stylish New Hairstyles And Whatever Those Bangs Are On Yuri

To celebrate something called Best Friend Day, Sooyoung of SNSD reportedly posted the above photo of the group rocking all new hairstyles to her Instagram.


The picture apparently came with the following caption:

“Today is best friend day? Instead of each person only showing snippets, do a group shot like me #GirlsGeneration #WhiteSoshi #BestFriends”

(I went to Sooyoung’s Instagram to verify but the image was either not from their or it was removed since then.)

All new hairstyles for every member likely means that a comeback is in the near future. For the most part, SNSD looks flawless. Tiffany has always been stunning with black hair, Seohyun looks radiant in a faux-Little Mermaid way and Sunny somehow dodged having the most questionable hairstyle in the group. That dubious distinction sadly goes to Yuri, who has some weird, awkwardly placed not-really-straight-but-not-really-sideswept bangs that are also thinned out to a compromised point. It’s almost as if a stylist had two different looks in mind for the girl and then just split the difference and called it a day.

Oh well, at least everyone else came correct.

Although I will say that posting the above shot on “Best Friend Day” with the hashtag #BestFriends is either a kind of unfortunate PR snafu given the whole Jessica thing that is inevitably going to rile up any Sone from now until the end of time or an amazingly subtle troll job.



  1. Shadow · · Reply

    There’s already people attacking Sunny for her message about best friends. I really get fed up with these kind of People. This whole OT9 being together forever was bullshit from the beginning. This really smells like a publicity stunt.

  2. My thought too was “Ouch” if I was Jessica and heard about this today. She’s like an Orwellian “unperson” or a pink elephant in the room now in regards to SNSD. It would be interesting to see what would happen if there was an industry event and someone goofed and didn’t realize that Jessica was on the guest list with a SNSD member there as well and at some point they are in close proximity and have to acknowledge one another. Would they just completely ignore one another, would they be civil, would they actually be warm, or would they go at each other tooth and nail.

    It must sting a bit to see a picture like that being posted and despite having a 10 year relationship with many of these ladies, it’s a bit like she was never their friend. One does wonder if Jessica really burned bridges on her way out and wrecked friendships that might have been there or whether she was really that close with anyone after all. Of course part of it is just the awkwardness of the situation professionally. Even if some of the members had managed to stay close to her personally through all this, its not like they can mention it publicly without stirring up a hornet’s nest. That is kind of the sad thing in this is if there were some members that really didn’t want to boot her, but were overruled, and now they can’t even be in touch with her for the most part. That would suck and would be a hard choice between a friend and your career.

    It must be very weird not just for the fans but also the members in concert when someone has to sing Jessica’s lines especially when its a song she featured in prominently.

    I would love to find out why the K-pop stylists in Korea have such a fascination with having their clients go blonde. So often they get the color wrong or manage to make someone with healthy hair look like they are wearing a bad wig or are getting over a long illness that has made their hair look dry, lifeless, and bleached. So few manage to get the right shade of blonde for their skin tone and it literally clashes with their skin. Only a few seem to find the right shade and the right style for it to look cute.

    I know part of it is simply the uniformity of Asian hair color in that there is so little natural variation genetically, so there is a strong desire to differentiate oneself especially in entertainment where something that stands out won’t get you called into the boss’ office for violating the dress code with your pink highlights or blue contacts. Still it is so frustrating to see some Asian women ruin one of their most attractive features in many cases, their naturally pretty hair in some misguided attempt to channel Scarlett Johansen or some other Western blonde. Perhaps that though is coming from my Western Caucasian perspective where to me the dark hair and dark eyes are an exotic look that isn’t common among my peers and therefore is quite enticing. If I was an East Asian man, I might be very bored by all the dark-haired and dark-eyed ladies with more or less similar skin tones in my own region. It’s hard it some ways picturing what it would be like being part of such a morphologically homogeneous population where there is little if any variation in hair color and eye color especially.

    I like Sooyoung’s cut and color. It looks very sophisticated on her.

    Hyoyeon’s hair looked better longer I think, but at least she stayed with a good shade of blonde it seems.

    Taeyeon’s hair looks like someone bleached the shit out of it and left it looking limp and lifeless and the style does a horrible job of framing her face. It’s like she is hiding behind a curtain and if they are going to go that light with her hair, they need to do a better job with the color of her eyebrows as they seem to clash with her hair color.

    Yuri’s style might be better if they had not gone so light on her bangs.

    I like Tiffany’s styling, but her hair looks like it was dyed uniformly black like a cheap Halloween witch wig. I think her natural color or a brunette color would look better on her, but she likely didn’t have enough time to grow her hair out with its natural shade unless she cut it pretty short (Though she looked good when she had short dark brown hair).

    I’m not sure I am digging Sunny’s shade, but I like the cut on her. It’s a bit sassy or spunky which seems to fit her.

    I actually like the color that Seohyun is sporting. It seems to go well with her skin tone and makes her really stand out from all the blondes. Dare I say it about the maknae, but it’s actually a sexy style and color on her and with an off the shoulder dress that shows a lot of leg, she’s really looking very grown up. I find I am once again surprised at just how sexy the maknae has grown in the last year or two. Maybe she is becoming more comfortable with her body, which is good for all of us. Now, if we could just see Seohyun in a string bikini or as a Victoria’s Secret Angel, all would be perfect in the world.

    Yoona’s style and color isn’t bad. I think it is just a shock seeing her go so blonde.

    All I know is that hopefully the group and SM are worried more about the music on the new album than hairstyles. They are going to have some real competition for the airwaves and show wins, so a weak album with a lead single that doesn’t break ground or really rope people in is going to get tongues wagging that they have lost their fastball. Also it would bring up a lot of talk about whether booting Jessica was the right thing to do artistically even if it was the right thing to do from a practical business standpoint. Any release that seems to be “missing” something will automatically make many point to it missing Jessica, even if that isn’t the real problem. The one bummer for the members is that they are basically dependent on SM here. The thing is with many K-pop groups and the way members are selected, trained, and developed you wonder if many groups or members within a group could prevent their company from messing things up. Few K-pop artists seem to have real talent at composing hit songs and producing an album, so even if they felt their company was mailing it in, they couldn’t do much on their own to overcome that even if the company would let them have more input. Would their input really be of value? You see the same thing in US and European pop where only a handful of artists really have the talent to control their own destiny because they have real vision for a concept that is fresh, can write songs or music that people relate to, or just have so much talent that they can be given a turd and turn it into a polished stone that doesn’t look or smell like a turd. I don’t see any of the SNSD members really showing promise as a composer or lyricist, so I can’t see them stepping in to save their own album if they felt the material they were being given was crap and found SM on content.

    1. yakicola · · Reply


  3. Everyone looks good except Taengoo. I haven’t seen a pic of her looking happy since the dye job. I’m thinking she hates it. This was the best Taeyeon.

    I wish she would go back to that.

    1. Or even if she just went back to her a more natural hair color without even messing with any highlights or bleach. The thing is Taeyeon is really pretty with a very youthful face. She just needs a hairstyle that frames her face well and is complimentary of here skin tone and she will look fantastic. Now if she is the one wanting to keep going blonde, she really needs to sit down with a professional colorist and be shown using wigs how the right color makes her look great and the wrong color makes her complexion look washed out, makes here brows look odd detracting from her otherwise pretty face, and makes her hair look damaged.

    2. I wonder if Taeyeon is clinically depressed or has some anxiety issues. For years she has seemed to really get little enjoyment out of anything beyond performing live, and this last year has been really rough between some under-performing songs with the group and TTS, her getting blamed as the ringleader in booting Jessica, backlash over her boyfriend, etc. If Taeyeon didn’t have such an upbeat best friend as Tiffany, I’d really worry about her. Fortunately I think Tiffany keeps her from being a shut-in who just dwells on life’s pressures in a kind of anxiety and depression fueled downward spiral by dragging her ass out and being so upbeat. Hopefully she has a better year between SNSD and her solo project. It would be nice if her solo project was actually successful and wasn’t like so many of the solo projects we have seen in K-pop over the last year, which have mostly been seriously underwhelming or actually sucked. I hope SM doesn’t push her out there with lackluster material. She deserves better than that.

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