ChoA Causes Literal Heart Attacks In Comeback Teaser For “Heart Attack”

aoa choa

Well, vacation was fun and all but the world of K-Pop stops for no one and that means that I’m going to have to hit the ground running all over again. Your regularly scheduled Slug-related programming will try its best to get back on track after spending the past few days sleeping, eating and drinking way too much.

AOA is set to make their comeback for “Heart Attack” on June 22nd and it seems that the group is looking to cause a mass global extinction judging by the amount of lives that will probably end thanks to ChoA’s solo teaser.

What does this have to do with the lacrosse images that the group used to first tease their 3rd mini-album release? Probably nothing! Which teaser will ultimately have no bearing on the eventual music video that is released on the 22nd? Who knows! I’m having a very hard time discerning what a bare shouldered ChoA has to do with the sport of lacrosse.

Of course, if the fate of our very species relies on one of these concepts being chosen for AOA’s June comeback, I will eagerly accept my untimely fate if it just means three minutes of that teaser interspersed with my own heart monitor.

Goodbye world, for ChoA has returned and she is the Alpha and the Omega of humanity’s collective atrias and ventricles.

Sweet, sweet death.

Sweet, sweet death.



  1. Shadow · · Reply

    At first blush, this teaser reminded me of SNSD’s “Mr Mr”.

    lacrosse? what the hell. That’s the first I’ve seen that. Man, I sure hope the agency doesn’t screw up their comeback.

  2. I for one, welcome our new overload Choa.

  3. I wonder if all the girls will get be getting the ‘look into my coloured-contacts and pretend that I’m not actually wearing a tube’ treatment but I for one welcome the world’s sexiest lacrosse team.

    Also, I think Choa’s been a blonde since her debut, but I think she’d totally rock as a brunette too.

  4. Joshua · · Reply

    Those glares………..makes you rethink the parts of your life when you were not
    binge-watching AOA MV’s…..0__0 it speaks to my soul. The concept is kinda interesting though.
    I’m happy to see your blog is still going strong since the last time I was avidly following it…… 😡
    Almost died for that Hyuna striptease-esque picture…….

    1. Welcome back to the blog then haha.

      Hyuna may be the death of us all.

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