Waifu Wednesday: Wheein

wheein cover ww

Jung Whee In (better known by her stage name Wheein) is a South Korean idol singer and dancer. She is best known for being a member recent Waifu Wednesday queens Mamamoo.

With Wheein, this is the first time that Waifu Wednesday has ever done an entire group back-to-back-to-back-to-back. It is also the fastest that this happy little series has ever gone through a group before (not even my beloved SPICA can say that). And while Mamamoo is worth celebrating as a whole, Wheein definitely deserves some shine. Not the “main” role in anything and not the maknae, Wheein occupies the slightly unenviable role of K-Pop’s equivalent of a middle child. However, in a group of fantastic singers and dancers, Wheein is remarkably well-rounded at both. What she may lack in bombast, Wheein makes up with a delightfully soulful and almost folk-like inflection. She can also dance like nobody’s business. Her strengths as a performer are perfectly captured in this beautiful rendition of “Lay It Down” that WA Entertainment wisely uploaded before Mamamoo’s debut last year.

As one can tell from that, Wheein is also cute as hell and has a smile that is damn near infectious. Without further ado, here’s to ending the Waifu Wednesday Mamamoo hype train on a high note.*

*Any suggestions for next week to check out are appreciated now that Mamamoo is enshrined.


Wheein is so pretty that rays of sunshine experience happiness in her presence.

Elite midriff.

Elite midriff.

Wheein is so beautiful that she is often mistaken for a mirage.

A gaze that could melt planets.

A gaze that could melt planets.

Wheein’s smile is brighter than the light at the end of that cliched tunnel.

Yeah, getting all the cavities just staring at this.

Yeah, getting all the cavities just staring at this.

Wheein’s moves are so good that they qualify as minor miracles.



Wheein is so unreal that unicorns tell urban legends about her.

10/10 subtle hair play here.

10/10 subtle hair play here.


Stitch faint

I’ll be on vacation until Monday, so I may post sporadically or not at all until then. Hopefully, I won’t come back to a barren wasteland. Just a head’s up to all of my handfuls of faithful readers out there!



  1. Next waifu : Youngji. She is a train-wrecker on Cupid.

  2. black soshi · · Reply

    How about that really little one from T-ara?

    1. Shadow · · Reply

      LOL. this is good.

      just to help out.


    2. Hmmmm, I think I already did…

      1. black soshi · ·

        You did not.

  3. Shadow · · Reply

    Wheein does a magical job with Lay it Down. Hell of a video.

    Suggestion for next waifu: CLC’s Chang Seung Yeon.

    The girls of CLC do a wonderful job with their street performances. Exceptional stuff.

    1. TheITDept · · Reply

      YES Seungyeon would be flawless ♡♡♡
      Also Yujin (CLC) is just too adorable and would also work very very well 😉

    2. Agree, Seungyeon is more than worthy. Solji, too.

      Yeah, I’m definitely a fan of Seungyeon…

      1. That last gif is such a winner.

  4. Have a great vacation! Also, any of the other Sonamoo girls you haven’t done with be a worthy choice for WW.

  5. Red Velvet for next Waifu group?

    1. They’re gonna make it in here eventually.

  6. rohaniyerdxb · · Reply

    I must say I’m chuffed to bits! Wonderful to see this streak for a great group.
    The last gif is a knockout.

    I agree with Red Velvet as potential candidates. Seulgi is totally awesome as underrated-bias material. And Irene…. just wow….

    On a slight side note, my records reveal that 4Minute is still pending completion. Gayoon looks quire good these days. Might be an easy way to get one more group complete. Of the other groups, I just don’t see the members being worthy… (AOA’s Chanmi, 2NE1’s non-Dara members, Dal Shabet, other than Wohee/Subin and so on).

    Last point – I swear. It’s been a while since MCM… This realization was triggered when I realized that i really like Rap Monster’s rap. It totally makes up for the ridiculous name.

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