Big Bang’s Taeyang Betrays One True Love G-Dragon For Min Hyo Rin


After months of rumors, JYP Entertainment and YG Entertainment have confirmed that Big Bang and G-Dragon acolyte Taeyang is in a relationship with actress Min Hyo RIn.

The two agencies issued pretty boilerplate statements on the pairing so that we may all get on with our lives.

YGE stated on June 2, “After asking Taeyang personally, it’s true that he’s dating Min Hyo Rin,” while JYPE said, “It’s true they’re dating. Please look upon them kindly.”

Taeyang, of course, is Big Bang’s lead vocalist, main dancer and possessor of about a billion ab muscles. As for Min Hyo Rin, she’s an actress who used to have a singing career of her own before she transitioned careers to the screen (Judging by this, it was a wise decision).

She has also starred in some K-Pop music videos, including SECRET Jieun’s “Going Crazy” and her bae’s (Oh god, please say I’m using this right. Keeping up with internet lingo is hard) music video ‘1 AM.’

They are both notable Successful and Good Looking People so good for them.

Now, someone please make sure that G-Dragon is doing OK. I imagine that he’s taking this news a little hard.


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