SM Entertainment Forced To Refute Rumors That Victoria Is Leaving f(x)


One of the big rumors to pop up over the past few days was f(x)’s Victoria’s supposed schism with her label over her request for a personal recording studio in China.

Unfortunately for SM Entertainment, the rumor picked up enough steam that they were pretty much forced to comment on it. Over the weekend, SM Entertainment released the following statement on ChineseStudioGate:

Victoria has never requested a cancellation of her contract. The rumors are not at all true, and she is not thinking of leaving SM Entertainment.

As part of the policy of a localization of SM business, we decided to use the workshop policy and will be building a workshop in China for Victoria like for EXO‘s Chinese member Lay. The workshop is part of SM, and SM and Victoria will continue the management contract. SM will work our best to support Victoria’s Chinese activities and make sure she grows effectively.

This means one of two things. The first and most likely option is that the first reports were straight up wrong, something that isn’t uncommon in the wacky world of K-Pop gossip, rumors and anonymous sources. The second far more entertaining possibility is that Victoria Sun in all of her infinite wisdom and goddessly powers, applied pressure to SM through anonymous media sources in order to secure herself a home-based studio like a true media maven. Either one is hilarious in its own right but I really, really want it to be the second one.

Having a presence in China and Korea is something that has Victoria has made a priority of. She expounded on her celebrity status in both countries during a media interview for the cast of Chinese TV series Beautiful Secret (of which she’s a cast member) earlier this year:

Be it singing or acting, I hope that I can develop myself as an all-rounded individual with my work both in China and in Korea.

f(x) is supposedly in the midst of preparing for a comeback, which will be the group’s first since the  “Red Light” masterpiece that coincided with Sulli’s unexpected hiatus/ethering. Even if the next f(x) release fails to live up to “Red Light,” at least Victoria can rest assured that she’ll have her own China-based studio to go to home to thanks to her 8th-dimensional media manipulation the fine folks at SM Entertainment.



  1. Shadow · · Reply

    “As part of the policy of a localization of SM business, we decided to use the workshop policy and will be building a workshop in China for Victoria like for EXO‘s Chinese member Lay.”

    What does this even mean? Is the “policy” part of the contract? What does Victoria’s contract actually say? Why doesn’t SM already have a branch studio in China for its Chinese artists? Is this simply a way for SM artists to get home-based studio equipment? Whatever it is, it sounds like SM is sucking wind.

    If this is a nothing deal, why respond at all, let alone bring up some bullshit “policy of a localization of SM business. . . ” Hopefully Victoria has a handful of nuts, and is squeezing hard.

    1. “Hopefully Victoria has a handful of nuts, and is squeezing hard.”
      LOL, you made me think of this…

  2. black soshi · · Reply

    She was never going anywhere. She can’t. SM wouldn’t dare ruin their two best groups within the same year, would they?

    1. Look, I was never a big Jessica fan, but I admit that her vocals added a certain flavor the GG’s overall sound. But I would hardly call them “ruined” without her.

      1. GG song quality has been really bad the last few years. Since Sica left the quality is still bad. However when they did have good songs Sica was there. Shaky logic?

      2. Most friends I know who don’t follow K-Pop closely can’t tell the differences between pre and post-Jessica SNSD. When you lose 1 out of 9 members, 11% isn’t really that much and Jessica was never the only vocalist. So no, I don’t think SM “ruined” SNSD.
        Also, I’d like to think the rest of the group are secretly happy that they get a bigger share of concert and promotional proceeds now.. hee hee.

      3. black soshi · ·

        I was actually referring to those Chinese dudes that left Exo. See, you think about Jessica all the time too. Admit it. You love her.

  3. #SaveFX2015

  4. I don’t believe ANY press release SM Ent. releases anymore. It’s either damage control or dis-information each & every time.

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