SISTAR To Dominate Summer Airways With June “Summer Song” Comeback


Reigning queens of K-Pop summer jams SISTAR are making a timely comeback in late June.

Having seen their previous summer releases “I Swear,” “Touch My Body,” “Give It to Me” and “Loving U” dominate the charts, the quartet is apparently so confident in their ability to slay the charts during the warmer months that they’re apparently simply calling their June offering “Summer Song.”

The four-member girl group will be returning with the song “Summer Song” just in time for the summer season. Duble Sidekick, who’s the producer behind SISTAR’s songs “Loving U“, “Give it to Me“, and “I Swear

SISTAR’s continued relationship with Duble Sidekick is pretty welcomed as well. As much as SISTAR benefited from consistently working with Brave Brothers when they really broke out in popularity, “Loving U” is the perfect summer pop song so to hear that the two parties are pairing up for the rough-draft-sounding titled “Summer Song” is very welcomed news.

Let's celebrate SISTAR-ific summers.

Let’s celebrate SISTAR-ific summers.

Yes, SISTAR could probably release a track called “Testing… Testing… 1,2,3” and still make every other surrounding release quiver in fear. After all, what can anyone do to compete with the brassy booming lungs of Hyorin or the everything of Bora?

The moment the .gif was invented for.

The moment the .gif was invented for.

Nothing. The correct answer is nothing. We are all powerless to such might.

“Summer Song” will reportedly release during the fourth week of June. May the heavens have mercy on every other group’s soul.



  1. Supposedly SNSD is releasing in June as well. It will be interesting to see whether they end up releasing the same week or close enough to each other to be splitting awards at the shows and hurting each other’s sales.

    A few years ago I might have said that this wouldn’t be a wise move for Sistar to be going head to head possibly with SNSD, but I’m not sure SNSD is the mighty juggernaut they once were. If SNSD drops something that isn’t anything special and Sistar works their usual summer magic SNSD might be hard pressed to match what was considered the relative disappointment of “Mr. Mr.”

    Of course what is disappointing for Sistar, SNSD, or 2NE1, most girl groups would sell their firstborns to the devil to get a shot at.

    Still SNSD has a lot more riding on this release than Sistar does because “Mr. Mr.” wasn’t their usual dominant release that sweeps all the shows for three weeks and sits at number one for a week or more. Then of course Jessica got booted which will draw more scrutiny especially if they misfire and something seems vocally or physically lacking.

    One of the funny things is that there actually seems to be a lot of mutual admiration between SNSD and Sistar rather than bad blood and several members of each group are actually fairly close to one another. Still both groups are competitive and aren’t likely to enjoy loosing to each other if promoting at the same time.

  2. This might tide you over until Sistar’s new release. This is a new CF they did for a Tea product owned by Coca Cola.

    1. Bless you, good sir.

  3. Please please please let it be as good as ‘Loving U’.

    1. I believe I say this prayer about every major summer release.

  4. All the girls look fantastic in that CF… but Soyou… wow… that may be the hottest I’ve ever seen her look.

  5. Shadow · · Reply

    Yeah, Soyou is a beautiful girl with a fantastic voice. That CF really highlights her bodaciousness.

    I just hope with this new song, they skip the Touch My Body choreography. That was hard to watch, even with pretty girls.

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