Waifu Wednesday: Hwasa

hwasa ww cover

Ahn Hye Jin (better known by her stage name Whasa or Hwasa) is a South Korean idol rapper and dancer. She is best known for being the maknae, lead vocalist and lead rapper of new Waifu Wednesday favorite Mamamoo.

As far as titles go, it would be easy to dismiss Hwasa as a lesser talent than her groupmates. After all, Solar is the main vocalist and Moonbyul is the main rapper of Mamamoo which makes Hwasa’s “lead” designation seem almost tacked on for the sake of resume padding. However, that’s far from the case. Like the rest of Mamamoo, Hwasa has great pipes and she can sing with an old-school huskiness that belies her maknae status. Her rendition of “Orange Colored Sky” is very, very good.

She’s also the standout of this, which almost redeems the existence of Robin Thicke.

Hwasa is also pretty damn… well, pretty, which makes her an easy inclusion for this feature. The Mamamoo celebration train rolls on.


Hwasa is so hot that she’s a danger to all wax museums on the planet.

Dear lord, legs.

Dear lord, legs.

Hwasa’s talents are so brilliant that they are potentially blinding.

Dying status: Activated.

Dying status: Activated.

Hwasa pretty much redeemed the existence of Robin Thicke and ‘Blurred Lines’ (I don’t think I can emphasize how miraculous that is).

Forgetting how to blink.

Forgetting how to blink.

Hwasa is so sexy that she can overheat the Earth’s core.

Double the fun.

Double the fun.

Hwasa is so perfect that she wrecks the heaven’s grading curve.

Get it gurl.

Get it gurl.


scrubs spazzing



  1. i can now die in peace.

    Just kidding. Unless you will get that Boram gurl on Waifu Wednesday.

    (So next week will be wheein, right?)

  2. That “Orange Sky” is one hell of a demo-track for her… great voice & performance.

  3. Pics one and two are not congruent. She is not built like most idols, specifically in the hip and thigh areas. Not that this is a bad thing, but I just wonder whose legs were shooped in to that first pic.

    1. That pic was definitely shopped but to be fair, she dieted a lot prior to her debut, and has allowed the chunk back into her thighs since then. She basically threw a tantrum the second time the CEO tried to get her to diet, bless her curvy foodie soul.

  4. noona4mthablock · · Reply

    Dear Lord her thighs…. Bless them. I hope they don’t disappear like Hyosung’s or Ailee’s thighs have diminished in the last couple of years.

  5. Shadow · · Reply

    Yep, those thighs are nice. Need to keep her away from the personal trainers.

    That last gif of her is way sexy.

  6. Oh man oh maaaaan 3 Mamamoo Waifu Wednesdays? Praise be, I am not deserving. I like how almost all of the pics are of Hwasa in *that one outfit,* because holy crap, that one outfit was made to be worn by her.

    Hope you’ve saved my bias Wheein as best-for-last because she is so [very very worthy.](https://38.media.tumblr.com/1029e254d001eae1e6f680a6377bcda7/tumblr_nmlgozQQNH1ssnf1qo3_250.gif)

  7. rohaniyerdxb · · Reply

    You’re on a roll slug! In the name of everything that is right and holy, next week has to feature Wheein….

    If my memory serves right, two records would be broken
    a) first group to get completed in successive weeks
    b) fastest completion of a group (as a consequence of the above)

  8. She’s so hot and fun. One of my ultimate biases for sure :).

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