AOA’s Choa Failed So Many Damn SM Entertainment Auditions

choa 1

AOA’s Choa may be AOA’s resident guitarist, main vocalist and Best-Thing-About-AOA-In-My-Completely-Unbiased-Opinion but SM Entertainment definitely didn’t think that much of her judging by how many times they passed on her as a trainee.

On a recent “Radio Star,” Choa stated that she tried out for SM Entertainment 15 times. Of those, she failed approximately 100% of her auditions (she was also passed up by JYP Entertainment because life is cruel like that).

On the show, the idol star revealed, “I tried out for the SM auditions when Girls’ Generation members were trainees, because I was so envious,” adding, “I tried 15 times but never made it. I also tried out for JYP auditions, but didn’t make the cut at the final round.”

One has to hand it to Choa for displaying superhuman perseverance in the face of “no-no-no-no-no-no-no-no-no-no-no… huff, huff, huff, no-no-no-no.” I’m sure that FNC Entertainment is fairly pleased that things worked out as they did for Choa with AOA.

And speaking of Choa, she also recently did a photo shoot for Arena Homme + which definitely lives up to the reputation of Arena Homme +. So, yeah. The world is very glad that Choa didn’t give up on her first, second, third or thirteenth rejection.

Choa 4 life.

Choa 4 life.

God bless Arena Homme +.

God bless Arena Homme +.





  1. Wow, that’s amazing that she got passed over so many times…. she has a great voice (in addition to being incredibly cute). I can’t imagine she got nervous & blew the audition or something that many times.

    1. My guess is she was really raw and needed those auditions and numerous rejections to reinforce to her the things she needed to work on. Maybe she didn’t take it to heart initially and figured she would just keep trying, but eventually she figured out it wasn’t a them problem, but a her problem, and polished her act with more training or better coaching. It could be too that she simply didn’t have the look that SM wanted back when she was auditioning or at least in the eyes of their scouts she didn’t project as a fit. The same is true at JYP. It may have helped that FNC had no prior girl groups, so it didn’t have a mold they wanted the girls they selected for AOA to fit. At SM likely everything they do when it comes to auditioning young women or girls is based on the concept of will this girl be the next Bada, Taeyeon, Krystal, Yoona, etc. They may not be doing it consciously, but when you have successful artists you tend to look for those of the same mold and maybe when they saw Choa she didn’t look like she would fit that mold of what they want an SM or JYP star to be. It’s nice that she landed on her feet though and has had very nice success out of the gate.

  2. I agree with Kent that she probably didn’t fit the mould those agencies where looking for. Choa has gotten from strength to strength since her debut (she actually looked kinda weird in ‘Get Out’) but I am guessing the Choa in those early auditions was a shy and awkward young lady with a decent voice.
    I admire her perseverance and maybe her past failures also lend to how you sense her humility now that AOA is relatively successful. Yes, Choa is indeed one of the best things about AOA/AOA Black.
    Also, that’s a quite a new look for her in the Arena shoot. Can we have brunette Choa now, please?

  3. Yeah, Chao was truly not very good. Bonus: Hani EXID predut

  4. Best thing I’ve seen her do. Gave me chills. She’s just perfect. Thank goodness she persevered.

    1. Wow, that is a great performance. Thanks for posting it here.

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