Waifu Wednesday: Solar

solar ww

Kim Yong Sun (better known by her stage name Solar) is a South Korean idol singer. She is best known for being the leader and main vocalist of soul-filled K-Pop group Mamamoo.

The run on Mamamoo waifus continues this week with Solar. While being the leader and main vocalist of any group is usually a sign of some modicum of talent, the fact that Solar has both titles within Mamamoo is pretty impressive when one considers that the group relies on a more retro and bluesy sound that can’t be entirely hidden behind a thousand synths and auto-tune sheen. And wouldn’t you know it, the girl can sing with a clarity and control that is quite wonderful.

As if that weren’t enough, she’s also as pretty and hot as her stage name would suggest. So, yeah. Let the Mamamoo spazz train commence unabated.


Solar is so hot that she is mistaken for a sun in distant galaxies.

So much power.

So much power.

Solar is such a gifted singer that she regularly puts whole choirs of angels out of work.

The midriff is real.

The midriff is real.

Solar’s greatness can only be comprehended on a theoretical level.

A worthy tribute.

A worthy tribute.

Solar is so pretty that flowers compulsively bloom in her presence.

Nothing ambiguous about this.

Nothing ambiguous about this.

Solar’s voice is so amazing that it’s classified as a world wonder.

Definitely not underrated: Solar's smile.

Definitely not underrated: Solar’s smile.


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  1. Shadow · · Reply

    Talented artist. Would like to see this group have some staying power. Really like their style of music. It has promise.

    1. This group reminds me a lot of SPICA. So much talent, but really hard to break through all the clutter of girl groups on just talent alone. You need the variety star or stars who bring lots of attention to the group, or a crack production team that finds what you excel at and finds material that makes you shine. Even then there is a lot of luck involved. It’s often hard to predict which songs will go supernova and which will just be kind of “meh” with the public. It’s why there are so few top tier groups. It takes a lot of luck and skill to put together the kind of runs that SNSD, Sistar, and 2NE1 have. Hopefully Mamamoo finds that song that just launches them. They shouldn’t get discouraged though. Girl’s Day is proof that even after several lean years you could suddenly get that couple of right songs in a row that lift you up out of the crowded field.

      1. Mamamoo reminds me of SPICA in terms of vocal talent and musical style, but I think they’ve achieved more success than SPICA had at the same point in their career (just over a year after debut). I’m not too worried about Mamamoo, in any case. A lot of k-pop groups seem to take years to really get off the ground.

      2. True, Mamamoo has had more initial success than SPICA, which is good for them and you are right that not many groups come roaring out of the gate. Several take a year or two to find that right sound or to build enough of a fan base that when they drop a new single or album it jumps to the top of the charts on its release rather than struggling to climb them. Even SNSD didn’t come into their own really until nearly two years after debut when Gee went supernova. They were popular before that, but they weren’t the force of nature that they became after that song. Sistar similarly exploded after “Alone.”

        I’d just love to see SPICA have a really big hit at some point as talented as they are they came close with “You Don’t Love Me” making some show finals, so hopefully that was a good sign of improvement for them and not just an outlier.

      3. Yeah, I can see the similarities and me being fans of both comes as no surprise I guess.

      4. Co-signing this.

  2. She sounds somewhat like Lee Hi on those first few lines. Love Lee Hi’s voice.

  3. So, you promised that next week waifu would be hwasa , right ? right ? RIGHT?

    1. Next week, PROMISE.

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