KARA’s Youngji’s ‘Cupid’ Teaser Gives Me A Glimmer Of Hope For KARA’s Comeback


KARA is set to release its “In Love” mini-album on May 26th, so the MV teasers are starting to get rolled out in earnest.

Up first is Youngji’s individual teaser which… doesn’t sound or look that bad considering that the teaser images made each member of KARA look like the world’s most delicate porcelain doll tribute to a Hello Kitty accessory.

Despite the literal miniaturization of Youngji and the stubborn presence of big ass bows on the set, it’s a bit of a relief to hear that “Cupid” likely won’t sound like either a bubblegum aegyo-suffocating pop single or a stereotypical summer pop jam that is likely to flood the airways from now until August. Instead, “Cupid” seems to be a slower, piano-driven dance track that doesn’t sound too much like anything that KARA has done before (the closest track that comes to mind is “Damaged Lady” but even that’s a bit of a stretch).

Hopefully, these .23454546 seconds of footage is indicative of the tone of “Cupid” because while KARA’s cute stuff like “We’re With You” and “Wanna” is great and all, the group’s fluffy sweet pop can’t hold a candle to its sickeningly addictive dance pop (which, over their past couple of releases, has not gotten the recognition that I thought it would get, speaking as a totally unbiased KARA and Gyuri fanboi).

To get hyped for all things KARA, I leave you with this totally great segment with Gyuri, T-ara’s Jiyeon and Girl’s Day’s Hyeri. It’s old and has nothing to do with this post but it has Gyuri so I have no regrets.



  1. clrfcation · · Reply

    a) Song sounds wonderful so far

    b) For some reason I think Youngji looks prettier when she doesn’t look directly at the camera

  2. Shadow · · Reply

    Agreed, the song sounds to have promise.

    Kara is a good solid group. It is too bad they don’t have more traction.

  3. I love Youngji – it’s kinda weird how Gyuri sorta faded despite being the supposed “Goddess”. Was she ever a big name in S.Korea or was I wrong about that?

    1. I started watching “Roommate” just to see Sunny (of SNSD). I _kept_ watching it to see Youngji

      She is such a cute, yet funny girl.

  4. Shadow · · Reply

    Speaking of Gyuri, her solo teaser is out now. I think I’ve had enough of the glitter on the face, but she still looks damn good.


  5. Shadow · · Reply

    Wow. the new single is good.

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